Unicorn Spit Applied on Table!! Very Forgiving! U Can Change Your Mind

I started this table with an idea in mind and then I didn't like the look so I changed it! You can see how easy it is to fix or redo something! This product is amazing, smells great and is VERY forgiving!!! I always have tons of questions when I try a new product, so I am trying to give you an idea of what to expect!
Please note that that I did this in my kitchen! Unicorn Spit DOES NOT have a chemical smell it actually is jasmine scented and its water based! You can paint in your home!
This is the finished product but it didn't start out this way!
This was the longest step! SANDING! This product works best on sanded clean wood! So if you are upcycling something, sand it really good! If you miss spots that have an oil based finish, the spit won't take in that area! You can see all the water spots but they won't matter when you are done!
I got the 10 pack of Spit so I wanted to try most of the colors!
So basically you can just start painting anyway you want. This stuff dries fast and smells awesome!
I just basically wanted to see what these colors looked like and how they went on. All the colors have a little bit of a different consistency but they all dry the same. This is water based so you can thin out with water and make each color last longer if you want.
I was curious if this stain was like others so I wiped it with a wet cloth. Here's the problem with that. It's waterbased so it reactivates when it gets wet. If you have lots of colors next to each other, the darker one will kind of stain the lighter area. Sort of like if you wiped a chalkboard. I also wanted a more vibrant color and wiping it really dulled it up. It might of been fine once I applied the tung oil and Polyurethane but I didn't want to chance it!
So I painted it again! This stuff goes on really smooth and it took only about 5 minutes to redo the colors! Don't think of this as paint because the texture if more of a gel. Also brush strokes don't really matter because you can't seem them once its done so don't worry about that.
I didn't like the busy design I was making so I sanded it again and painted it red & blue!
Then I lightly sanded it with 220 grit.
I used these two products next!
I then applied Tung Oil! See directions of whatever brand you chose! You really get an idea of how pretty your project will look. I did two coats!
Then I put 2 coats of OIL BASED Polyurethane! You can see the grain! Its gorgeous! Because I sanded it lightly it has a 3D effect because some of the color sits on top of the wood plus the wood is stained. The pics don't do this project justice!
This is a pic of it right before I painted the last leg with Polyurethane. You can see the difference of what it looks like before and after!(right leg has no Poly yet).

Just remember this is water based, you have to seal it with something or it just reactivates when you wet it. If you don't use at least 2 coats of Tung Oil or something that works like it, YOU CAN NOT use a water based top coat or it will reactivate the SPit and make a messy cloudy finish. The Tung Oil will allow you to use a water based Sealant but its still a risk. I would stick with an Oil based one.

Before I used the Tung Oil, I could of went in with another color and stenciled or something.

This product is giving those of us who LOVE color, a chance to stain our wood as bright and vibrant as we want!!! You will love this product! Check out the videos for lots of other ways to use this product on Unicornspit.com..
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