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**** UPDATE***** PART TWO of the video series has now been posted. You can see it here: So many of you had asked for a video on my stain painting technique. I am starting a new table and decided to try doing a video. HOWEVER, I'm not so great with my go pro camera yet, so I'm going to have to do it in clips. Part ONE is at the bottom of this post. This PART ONE covers how to make the enlarged image and and how to transfer that to the furniture or whatever item you will be "painting" on. I can show you a few photos of the work in progress, though, while we wait for the rest of the parts to this video series. And by the way, since the detailing on the piece is so intricate, this is going to take me a WHILE, but I will add the next part of the video ( which is the stain shading) as soon as I can. Hopefully, my technical skills will improve. I'm going to apologize in advance for some of the audio parts that are annoying! ;) And also, I may have repeated myself a few times in the video... I had started over so many times that I forgot what I said in which clip. LOL
This picture is where I am so far...
This is how she started out.
I did a grey chalk paint for the base, I did a little bit of distressing with ivory chalk paint and stain, a layer of wax and buffed it out to a super - smooth / velvety finish!!
Since the design is a compass rose, I added the quote "Not all who wander are lost" to the back of the drum table. And I painted the top of the drum table with 3 coasts of Ivory chalk paint.
So this is where I am right now. The video is below. Again, my apologies in advance for my lack of technical skills! And stay tuned for Part TWO! Also, if you have a huge problem with buffering, let me know. I'll see if I can find a way to tweek the settings! ***UPDATE*** PART TWO of the video series has now been posted and can be seen here:
Suggested materials:
  • Minwax stain
  • Chalk paint
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  • Jeani Miller Miner Jeani Miller Miner on Apr 02, 2016
    Oh I see now that you used a transfer. It's simply stunning. Can you share the source. Graphics fairy per chance?

  • Susan Susan on Apr 02, 2016
    This is a beautiful compass rose. Where did you find the pattern for that and the scroll work?

  • D Corwin D Corwin on May 11, 2016
    How do you decide when you are going to use the "raw" (sanded) wood only, and when you lay down chalk paint first? This table you indicate you used, I believe, 2 layers of chalk paint before starting. The large rose table you did you started on what appeared to be unfinished wood. Thanks in advance for the info!

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  • Sharon Huneycutt Harris Sharon Huneycutt Harris on Apr 03, 2016
    It's looking fantastic!

  • VictoriaC VictoriaC on Apr 06, 2016
    IT LOOKS absoultely gorgeous..I am going to try something not quite so advanced first and then tackle this..I have a table that would be perfect for it..I hope your video works (I can understand as I am NOT techy or anything, but I can paint, and I am a pretty good artist..So I am going to keep watching.

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    • M&M Embellishments M&M Embellishments on Apr 07, 2016
      @VictoriaC oh Victoria, I can't sell it. I found it on google and then I added the scrolls. I can attach the photo if that will help??? It's not a stencil. I just take the image I find, play around on PicMonkey to make it unique, and then go to to enlarge it. I will attach the photo I used. I hope that will help you.