The Easiest Way to Fill a Hole in Your Wall

Shawna Bailey
by Shawna Bailey
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This little tip on how to quickly fill a hole in your wall is perfect for renters or people dorming. I remember quickly filling in holes at 3 in the morning with my roommates the night we moved out of an apartment and I can imagine how relieved I would have been if I had known this hack back in those days. When I tried this, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked as well as it did.
Step 1: Grab white craft glue and plastic wrap
All you need is a bottle of some white school glue and a very small piece of plastic wrap.
Here’s my wall with three holes in it.

Step 2: Press the glue bottle to the hole and fill in each one
I squeezed the glue until the hole was filled. It’s better to be slightly over-filled than under-filled when filling the holes in.

Step 3: Smooth glue out with plastic wrap
If you’ve ever worked with white glue, you know that as soon as you start messing around with it, it starts to look dirty and dingy. Instead of touching the glue with my finger,  I ripped off a small piece of plastic wrap by pressing my finger on to a corner till a finger sized piece ripped off.
Then, I used that piece to smooth out the glue. It’s much easier than having to smooth or sand spackle.

I waited 15 minutes for it to dry. If you wait too little, the glue won’t be dry and will mix with the paint. If you leave it too long (like several hours), the glue will actually sink down and leave a small dent. Letting it dry for 15 minutes ensures that the glue and paint harden against each other and support each other. Weird but true!

Step 4: Paint your wall
I then added just a quick touch up with paint -- this is especially easy if, like most renters, you live in a white-walled apartment.
Voila! Now no one will ever know you hung your entire collection of spoons on the wall...
Suggested materials:
  • White glue   (Target)
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  • Kab33152767 Kab33152767 on Apr 11, 2018

    It seems a container of spackling paste would be just as easy and probably quicker. You can pick it up at any hardward store or CVS or Walgreens. No need for the plastic wrap. Fill the hole and wipe off. It dries quick.

  • Nopah Nopah on Jun 09, 2020

    White toothpaste is where it’s at.