Re-purposed 5 Qt. Icecream Tub Flower Pot/ Mini Plant Stand.

This flower pot mini plant stand also with a decorative bird house ( if you like ) uses a plastic ice cream tub that nicely fills the roll of a plant pot.
It is true that this does not fall in the true miniature class but it is much smaller overall than my previous post '' Bird house plant stand'' that is over 42'' tall for some of them.
This is one of the finished stands, though the bird house is not fixed permanently , and I borrowed some of my mother's artificial flowers to see how the setup looked nearly done. Actually artificials will work fine too.
Needed for the project is; an ice cream tub of course; a 16'' piece of a tree branch, or 2 by 2, a 14'' piece of 1'' by 6'' by 14'' pine or other board. a 1/2'' by 3 1/2'' by 6'' piece ( simply a 1/2'' piece of scrap wood to secure to the bottom of the post to help it stand in place in the tub. say 4'' across. 4 / 2 1/2'' or 3'' deck or dry wall screws. Zinsser primer, or Acrylic gesso ( a primer) one or more colors of acrylic paint. a decorative bird house , ( Walmart, A C Moore, Michael's ? have them). Gravel or small stones, potting soil and Flowers of your choosing.
The 7'' dia plaque piece was handy , and used for the top of one of the plant stands. for 97 cents + - at Walmart this piece could simply be used for the bottom support as well as the top piece, eliminating the need for the 1'' by 6'' by 14'' piece. I show a tub in the previous photo w/o the lettering. this is optional since the paint will cover the print. I used paint thinner on a disposable towel to see how it would work on the tub.
Though I have painted a number of landscape scenes on ice cream tubs, a fairly simple process is to base coat the outside of the tub with the primer , then dipping the tip of the bristles of a utility brush in one of the colors begin dabbing the paint on the wet basecoat. Here I used thalo blue, then crimson. Once you have some color applied you can take and and w/o cleaning the brush unless you have too much color on it, begin blending the color some more.
Don't over blend so that the texture will show. This process works well with individual colors applied to the white neutral, and when two or more color is applied. Simply do not over blend so that the color doesn't go to grey.
For this one, black was dabbed on. A faux marble look can be improved by wadding up some heavy paper or plastic dipping it in the paint lightly then stamping it on the tub also.
A number of the ice cream tubs were done as seen here, and used to store plastic ware and napkins and other things for tractor club meetings and events.
Using a number of the tubs for planters , I have several nicely painted lids to be hung somewhere.
This shows another way to put the planter together . I used what was handy so the final piece will be set up with other flowers. If you check out the short project post at my blog site, look up Decorative bird house/mini plant stand, to locate it . The full size bird house plant stand project is featured here at Hometalk as well as at the site.
Here are two tubs I started some coleus branches in .
So now there is no reason not to go out and buy a container of your favorite ice cream and get started ( eating ) .

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2 questions
  • Cindy
    on Apr 11, 2016

    Doesn't the plastic ice cream bucket eventually rot and break over time?

    • Nadine Hartman Bourne
      on Sep 8, 2016

      You could glue some canvas type cloth to the bucket first then paint that if you want something that will last longer. But my aunt is of the same thinking that all things end and just enjoy them while they are here she has crocheted a few mandalas and hung them on her garden fence eventually they will fade and decay.

  • Janice
    on Apr 11, 2016

    won't the pails crack after awhile, which is typical of them?

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  • Katrina
    on Sep 8, 2016

    Love this idea very creative

  • Barbara
    on Aug 10, 2017

    This is a great idea for recycling as well as artistry! Great idea. All that ICE CREAM !
    • Phillipcardjr
      on Aug 10, 2017

      I can't help it I like ice cream . The containers are great to paint on even though they will not last years mainly because they are handled often. I am using some of the containers now for hydroponic gardening ( still a work in progress/ I tend to want to put too many plants in the container ). Included will be a photo of one unit that has a tomato plant that has yielded two small fruits so far.
      , This is not a good photo but the only one available The plant has survived me I drilled holes in the scene painted ice cream lids Many call it simply a self watering unit Hydroponics is growing with out soil
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