Red, White and Blue-ti-ful/ Bandana Wreath

I saw this idea and I loved it so much I went out that day and got the stuff to make it. (There are many ways to do this but I am sharing how I did it). Thanks for looking.
This is the finished piece.
Step 1: get supplies
Supplies (all of mine were from Hobby Lobby). Bandanas: 7 red, 7 white, 7 blue. Package of precut peel and stick stars (I only needed the white ones but this is what I found and I wanted convenience). I foam wreath 11.8". I already had wire, glue gun, glue sticks at home, fishing line (to hang) again it was what I had.
Step 2: fold those bandanas
I folded the bandana in half, then half again, then again until I had a long strip. I did not cut these.
Step 3: wrap each bandana around the wreath
See the long strip above to give you an idea. I folded it over the wreath evenly, the used wire to scrunch it up . Folding the wire on the back side.
Step 4: secure the bandana
See the scrunched up part and the wire above. This is what I had so I used it. I'm sure a number of other things could be used.
Step 5: attach stars on blue bandanas
These white stars were peel and stick but I also hot glued them to stay on better. (They fell off just with the peel and stick).
Step 6: final touches/ glue and fluff
On the front side: I used a drop of hot glue on top of the wire piece and covered it with the fabric (bandana). If this sounds confusing look back up to the pic where it shows the scrunched up part and the wire. I just used a drop of glue right on the wire and pinched the material above the wire and below it together. I also used a drop of glue to link 1 bandana to the next at the outer ends of the wreath (otherwise they can be floppy). And anywhere else I thought a drop of glue was needed to give it support. The bottom pieces of bandana I fluffed out to give it the full look. I used fishing line to hang it with. I've got in on my door it looks lovely and I did this in an evening. Have fun!
Update: may need something to stiffen the top (mine sits in a recessed area but I can see it could be an issue with it being floppy!)
Update: A couple people mentioned dropping one of the white bandanas so you have 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes so it fits with the 13 original colonies/13 stripes which I think is a splendid idea (you'll need to make the adjustments to allow for the wreath to be covered).

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  • Suzanne S Rice
    on May 26, 2016

    I made this but the tops are floppy and will not stand up. I tried sticking in cardboard...didn't work. Any other ideas?

  • Mor4159643
    on Sep 23, 2017

    Very clever but why 14 bandannas for stripes--only 13 stripes on flag?
    • Tammy Ward Boone
      on Sep 23, 2017

      I followed someone else's plan but I think it was needed to cover the wreath. You can certainly adjust your bandana's, your # of stars to be whatever you like.
  • Joyce Hegedus
    on Jun 28, 2019

    Adorable! Going to Hobby Lobby to purchase the materials & make this weekend.

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  • Mjxfingers
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Another post I saw said to put some Modge Podge on the ends to make them stiff.

  • Michael Thelen
    on Aug 13, 2019

    I’m actually making this now, but I’m using a wire wreath so the bandanas won’t fall over. I’m actually using my little brother’s bandanas and making it for my mom since my brother was murdered last month

    • Tammy Ward Boone
      on Aug 14, 2019

      I am so sorry for your loss. It must be devastating to lose someone you love so much in a tragic way. Praying for you and your family right now.

      And how touched your mom will be when you give this to her. What a special gift it will be.

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