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Since I published my DiY Garden Decor post here on Hometalk recently, a lot of you have asked if I had a tutorial for the copper coil wind chimes. I didn't document the chimes pictured in that post, but I decided to make another one and document the process in the following tutorial. I hope you find it helpful.

For the wind chimes, I used soft refrigeration copper coil I bought at Home Depot. Refrigerator type copper pipes are soft enough to bend or work with yet strong enough to hold their shape unless you apply a big force.

I cut an 11 foot long section from the copper pipe. I marked my copper pipe at the middle of the entire length or 5 1/2 feet.

After marking the copper pipe, I started working from one end and bent it to make a small loop as shown in the picture below.

The important part here is to leave that little section of pipe at the beginning (like the one I left) as that part will be the place where you will be hanging your garden decor from. Also make sure that little section stays on the top, not under the loop that you are making.
This is a very easy project, and you can find all the progress pictures on how I made the coiled copper pipe on our blog post.

Once the coiled pipe was done, I started working on the wind chimes part of the project. For that, I used a bamboo wind chimes I bought from Dollar Store, a little piece of decorative metal strip, E6000 and some chain pieces. I bought my decorative metal strip at Hobby Lobby, but if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you can find similar decorative metal strips on Amazon.

First, I took apart the Dollar Store wind chimes to separate the bamboo chimes (the stick parts). Then, I spray painted them with Rust Oleum’s Green Apple color and with the help of a little piece of wire, I put their strings back on to ready them for hanging.
After adding some beads to my wind chime I hung the bamboo chimes and that was it! So what do you think? Not bad, right?

Apart from the wind chimes I also made this waterdrop garden light. Cool isn't it? Well guess what: it is solar and it is also easy to make.

I am sure you will love making this garden light.

Thanks for reading!

Handan, xo

Suggested materials:

  • Copper tubing
  • String

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  • Terry
    on Jul 31, 2016

    I carefully read the post and looked at the pictures and your blog, but darned if I can tell how you connected the metal circle with bamboo to the copper. Did you attach it to the string of beads or to the bottom of the copper swirl? Nice job. I've purchased a couple of these at art shows and am excited to make one for myself.

    • Hello Terry, maybe the pictures are not showing that well, but the string of beads had very light duty(and small) key rings in between each bead and also at both ends. So I simply needed to attach the chain to the last key ring. When you finish your project don't forget to post it on Hometalk as I would love to see it! -Handan

  • If you leave the chime pieces off, will it just spin and make no noise?
    I cant have chimes in my complex, too much noise.
    But I thought it may be pretty just spinning in the wind.
    • The way I hang them doesn't allow them to spin (chain only allows a little bit of spin but not entirely). If you hung it with a string maybe it could. But it wouldn't be like those wind spinners, as there is not much of a surface for wind to spin it like those spinners. -Handan

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