30 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying Extra Rolls Of Foil

This shiny item is about to become your favorite DIY friend.

By Hometalk Highlights

It helps iron on veneer edging

You can refurbish any old piece of furniture this way.

It creates a super cool kitchen backsplash

With some copper spray paint you can totally get this authentic look.

It cleans silver without any scrubbing

You’re never going to polish your silver again after learning this hack.

It quickly cleans your hot glue gun

So you can keep working on your crafts without any delay.

It acts as a personal space heater

This energy saving hack is a lifesaver in the winter.

It makes cute foil tree decorations

Decorate your house for Christmas without spending tons of money.

Or intricate foil stars

I’m going to hang these up all year round.

It's a great sponge for really dirty dishes

It will save you so much time from soaking and scrubbing.

It makes a great alternative to wallpaper

If you want a unique wall in your home without the cost, this is definitely an option.

It becomes gorgeous wall flowers

This decor looks great in any room.

It adds so much to boring tables

We can't get over what a difference these silver accents make.

It covers furniture like a pro

It’s like a silver finish, only so much cheaper.

Use Foil Into Shining Stars For Christmas

Use Rinea Foil and cut out 10 circles and roll with a pencil.

It can help clean out wax jars

Those jars you were going to throw out can now be used for so many adorable projects.

Craft A Giant Kiss For Valentine’s With Foil

Cut off the top of a bottle, and coat it in aluminum to resemble a kiss.

Transform Your Foil Into A Christmas Tree

Wrap Aluminum Foil around a styrofoam cone and coat with Hershey’s.

Polish Silver Vases With Foil

Create a shimmering finish by lightly rubbing aluminum of a silver vase.

Make A Cosmic Space Jar With Foil

Fold the foil several times, poke holes in it, and place in a mason jar with lights.

Build A Lampshade From Food Foil Wrappers

Take the foil wrapper from your chewy bar and glue it together with rubber cement.

Produce Pretty Hyacinth Flowers With Foil

Cut strips of the foil 2 x 9 inches, then roll and coil into a flower.

Cover Canvas In Foil To Make Art

Wrap aluminum foil around a wooden canvas and spray SPiT on it from a spray bottle.

Craft Your Foil Into A Broach To Wear

Roll a piece of foil onto a center of a pin, then decorate with broken pieces of jewelry.

Create A Christmas Star With Folding Foil

Fold, cut, and overlap the foil over itself to make a star for Christmas.

Make A Bookmark For Yourself When Reading

Bend and fold a special dog ear for your book out of decorative foil.

Show Your Joy To The World With A Gift Tag

Glue zip dry onto some foil with decocolor pens.

Make Fake Candy Canes For Christmas

Gather aluminum foil and bend into a candy cane, then cover with fabric.

Put Glitter On Aluminum Foil For A Shiny Tree

Put adhesive spray on your foil shaped tree, then roll it in glitter.

Cover A Chair With Golden Foil For Shine

Sand down the chair, paint, apply the foil, and let dry.