This Treasure Was Staring at Me Waiting for Me to Finally Find It!!!

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So I am nowhere near the end of sorting through my parents stuff (Now this has all been shipped to my home from CA to MI), basement, garage, boxes, bins...but somehow this large silver vase ended up on the shelf by the steps down to the basement (laundry, tools, etc.-used often). Finally, Hometalk got me thinking, and I brought it upstairs. Let's see what I can do... PS: many more pics if desire
Here she is with aged patina, very magical!!!
So just looking at her now you will see the colors and base as it has some blues. It is rustic now and you will see how it changes-it has 3 sides-perfect for my project. Now to the fun of it!

This is a silver Reed & Barton that was my Grandma's vase.

If anyone has info on this, let me know. Not much online really. Has stamped Reed & Barton then under that a 2 and 8? Was polished the old fashioned way and rubbed out the 8 figure.
Ready to see how the other sides look now!...
I have all my materials needed to transform the 2 other sides. I have basic silver jewelry cleaner, wet paper towel, dry paper towel, and a piece of flattened aluminum foil.
It's amazing how easy that jewelry cleaner is
First I used regular old silver (not gold!) jewelry cleaner and just gently wiped it on with a soft paper towel. (A soft cloth would probably be better, but I was 1st testing late at night in the kitchen.). Wipe with a damp cloth, and dry with-you guessed it-a dry cloth. Look at it shine!!!
This side is what I tried out with the foil!!
And here is the last thing I tried that night. I grabbed some aluminum foil and GENTLY started to rub the vase. It had some halos from previous polishing, but I like this side because it is a soft mix of shine and tarnish from the other 2 sides. Now I have 3 beautiful vases and I can choose the style I want for the arrangement I am making!!! A one sided buffet or entry table would be perfect!!!
FYI-A look inside...very well used. Left it like that for when I have fresh flowers to enjoy. My Grandma was the wife of a Presbyterian minister and things had to be just so...happy to share with you my memories...
Suggested materials:
  • Antique silver Reed & Barton vase   (Grandmother)
  • Sterling silver jewelry cleaner   (Had it)
  • Paper towels, aluminum foil   (Already had it)
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  • I was wondering if aluminum foil is used to scrub silver, won't it scratch? I'm not sure about using it for my silver.

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  • Rose P Rose P on Dec 19, 2016
    This is a loving cup, there are many examples online, they were used as trophys and also as wedding or anniversary gifts, I have one and I also use it as a vase in silver plate the value is about 35.00

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    • Barbara Barbara on Mar 24, 2021

      Thank you for this warning. I’d thought about using the foil/boiling water/baking soda method but been worried. Glad i didn’t do it now.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Dec 20, 2016
    Wow! You have some beautiful treasures that you gave new life! Thanks for sharing this!!

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    • Shelby 🐈 Shelby 🐈 on Jan 02, 2019

      I just googled loving cup then tapped "silver" selection and they have a HUGE array of prices up with $410, with a HUGE selection of photos to look at.


      I found this project under the header of things to do with aluminum foil, but it looks like that may be too harsh for your loving cup.

      Beautiful find and restoration by the way.