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When Gathered Random Junk Becomes an Entry Table

I admit to having a slight addiction to vintage ironing boards. I have 3 in my stash now so I'm always attempting to put them to work in different ways. They are so light and versatile!
All it took for my most recent creation was to marry one up with a like minded wood framed mirror for an instant entry table. But that's not all... wait till you see the illuminated minnow bucket night light, meat grinder purse hanger... and more!
This vintage ironing board and mirror were both the perfect size for a small table in the front entry.
Loving all things galvanized, a meat grinder acts as a purse hanger.
The minnow bucket was filled with white mini Christmas lights for a lovely nighttime glow. And the other bucket holds fall dried hydrangeas.
Tarnished silver dishes were layered to hold loose change, and a laundry line wheel holds a rusty old measuring cup in place for odd keys.
A vintage drain cover was the perfect spot for my Funky Junk cards to land.
And on the opposite wall, there's a big 'ol junk wall gallery to hang your coats! But that's a whole other story. :) On Hometalk at: http://www.hometalk.com/737450/organize-that-junk-by-hanging-it-up-with-your-coats
This post is only one of 10 junkers that banded together for new fall inspired junk projects! Visit the blog link or hashtag to check them out!

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2013/10/fall-junkers-unite-with-an-ironing-board-table-a-pin-board-and-a-linkup.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Barb Rosen
    Barb Rosen Wilmington, DE
    on Nov 1, 2013

    How fun! That's really "thinking outside the laundry-room" !

  • Chipping with Charm, Laurel
    Chipping with Charm, Laurel Elk River, MN
    on Nov 1, 2013

    Such a great entry Donna!! A warm junk filled welcome...nothing better!!

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Nov 1, 2013

    So cool!

  • Anita Kuminecz
    Anita Kuminecz South Bend, IN
    on Nov 1, 2013

    I have the same one in my laundry room.

  • Janet Cowlan
    Janet Cowlan Oakland Gardens, NY
    on Nov 1, 2013

    like the idea but I know if one of my cats jumped on it, it would all be over .....

    • FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna
      FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna Canada
      on Nov 1, 2013

      @Janet Cowlan I have two cats and have no issues! They are very curious... the key is the stability of the ironing board. But one could easily add additional bracing to a more flimsy one too. Don't let the cats hold you back, there's always a way! :)

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