The Easiest Way to Hang Anything on Your Walls (without Using a Drill)

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I get nervous every time I have to pick up a drill or hammer to hang anything on my walls. In fact, I usually leave things on countertops or display them on shelves rather than hang them up.
Recently, I learned about an amazing product that can actually help me hang anything at all on my wall, no tools necessary, and it’s so easy to use!
If play dough and superglue had a baby, this would be it! It’s called Sugru and it sticks permanently to many surfaces, a full list of which you can see on Sugru's website. All you have to do is press it onto something and then stick it to your surface of choice. It can also be used to seal and fix things, like kitchen appliances or cables. You just mold it for up to 30 minutes, give it 24 hours to set, and Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that stays stuck (unless you remove it).
The moment my “DIY Hacks For Your Home” kit arrived, I immediately opened it and got to hanging everything and anything on my walls.
The kit came with a handy booklet, which had 18 wonderful ideas that I could use around the house. I choose two of them to do immediately and then improvised a few hacks of my own.

Hang a Towel Rack
I started with their towel rack hanging trick. The first thing I did when opening my towel rack (a regular model I found at my local home goods store) was throw away the screw that came with it – no need for those! Then, I took my Surgru out of the package, split it into two balls, and squished the balls onto the back of my towel rack mount (the piece I attach to the wall). Next, I pinched the Sugru on the back of my mount into pyramids and pressed it onto the wall right next to my sink.
I waited 24 hours for it to dry and then I added the rest of the towel rack. It was probably the lowest effort update my bathroom has ever received!

Put up Shoe Hooks
Next, I created easy and attractive shoe storage for my entryway using cabinet knobs. I rolled the Sugru into a ball about half the size of the base of my knob, then pinched it into a peak. Then, I firmly pressed it onto the wall. I was concerned about the soft Sugru holding the weight of the knob (which was pretty heavy) while it was drying, so I laid a piece of painter’s tape over the knob and wall to support it for the next 24 hours.
My friends have been commenting non-stop about this organization hack and even my kids like hanging their shoes up now.

Make Your Own Utensil Hooks
I decided to try the same kind of storage for my bulky kitchen utensils, so I used some more Sugru to create a rack right on my backsplash. I rolled the Sugru into little sausages that were fat on one end and thin on the other. Then, I bent the thinner end upwards to make a little hook. Next, I firmly pressed the fatter end onto the grout between my tiles. If you're forming a free-standing shape like this one, you might want to secure it with a piece of painter's tape while it dries.
The grey Sugru matched my grout perfectly and I love having those utensils out of my kitchen drawers.

Hang up Toothbrush Holders
When I decided to make toothbrush hangers for my kids’ bathroom, I knew Sugru would work perfectly for it. My Sugru kit came with 4 colors, so I picked some bright hues that would look good on my bathroom wall. Sugru dries into bendable rubber, so I’m not nervous that my kids will break these hooks when they use their toothbrushes each day.
I opened a package and pinched off a little bit (this will be the eyes) then I rolled the rest of the package into a sausage. I pressed the larger end of the sausage onto my bathroom wall and bent the thinner end to the side to make a curved piece to hold the toothbrush. Then, I rolled the piece I pinched off into two little balls and added them on above the ''smile'' where eyes would be.
The kids love putting their toothbrushes away and I love that I don’t have to worry about that gross build up you get on the bottom of a toothbrush cup.

Hang Fairy Lights
My friend is a renter and her daughters are always asking her to add fun décor to their walls. I knew she was at a loss for how to pretty-up their space, so for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, I bought her the Sugru kit. She was so excited to give her girls’ room a pretty update for the holidays, and the ladies were thrilled to find this surprise hanging on their wall. I’m so glad I thought of buying her a kit of her own. I’ll be adding a couple of Sugru kits to my gift-shopping list this season!
She pinched the Sugru into cubes, then pressed the cubes onto her daughters’ wall. After they were done drying, she used them as hooks to run these adorable fairy lights around her room. Instant style!
If you’re ready to say goodbye to drilling into your walls, you can order Sugru from their website or from Amazon. It holds up really well over time, and you can use it to repair your dryer or dishwasher because it holds up really well to extreme temperatures and being wet. It's perfect for renters because you literally never have to make a hole in a wall ever again. I'm sure this will be a really popular gift this holiday season and it's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.
Here it is in action! How cool is that?

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  • Elizabeth Burrows
    on Dec 19, 2016

    How is it removed when no longer wanted - on drywall? on tile? cement block?

    • Shawna Bailey
      on Dec 20, 2016

      the website says: Sugru can be removed from non-porous surfaces: simply cut off the bulk of it off using a knife or scalpel. You can then remove the residue with your nails and some tissue. If you stick Sugru to a porous unglazed ceramic surface, or unvarnished wood, it will be removable but will leave a stain. From fabrics and leathers – once you've worked Sugru into fabric, it will be very difficult to remove, and will always leave traces.

  • Koo8900371
    on Jan 1, 2017

    Does bathroom steam affect its adhesion?

  • V4123847166
    on May 17, 2017

    How much wait can Sugu hold? I want to hang a rack that has 4 shelves and
    wanted to put my small bottles of craft paints on it and wondered if Sugu
    would hold it. I'm guessing total wait would be ~10 pounds.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this product,I can't wait to try it
    I have physical issues with my arm and hand it's very challenging if possible at all to hang things. I'm hoping this will solve the problem.
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