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Salt Air Damaged Finish

How to Video included!
Looking for a safe way to create textured layers. Create authentic age with Coastal Candy's All Natural Paint Additive.
Use YOUR favorite brand of paint!!
Coastal Candy is an all-natural paint additive that when mixed with water-based paint, creates the look and feel of aged layers of paint, leaving behind a Coastal, salt-air worn effect.
If this look inspires you, here is how you can achieve your own beach side treasure.
*Always start with a clean surface that is ready to receive paint.
Mix into your favorite water based paint. Ideal consistency mimics that of cake icing.
Choose your Technique- I went with the Multi-Color Dab Technique.
Dab your first color mixture heavily over entire surface, create peaks and valleys. (see video) Let Dry.
Apply your Second color over entire piece or just in certain areas. Let Dry.
Repeat with as many colors as you desire.
Now you are ready to paint your contrasting color (No Candy required for this coat) Allow to completely dry.
Now the fun, sand your surface to reveal your base coat.
Sand lightly to reveal some of your base coat or heavily to reveal more. Palm sanders work best.
Be sure to follow us to see more techniques and inspiration.
Sea Side Treasure
Damaged drum table before
Multi-Color Technique
Final Coat (no candy required
Create textured layers with out chemicals.
Coastal Candy
Sand smooth if desired.
Coastal Candy..How to.

Materials used for this project:

  • Coastal Candy Paint Additive   (http://mycoastalcandy.com/where-to-buy/)

To see more: http://www.mycoastalcandy.com

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