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I bought this little side table several months ago seeing its potential. I like to refinish furniture and give it 'A Fresh Perspective'.
The table in its original 'boring' state
The table in its original 'boring' state
I ordered some paint from a company in the USA that I've been researching now for several months and I tried it out on this table. I had already tested another brand of chalk paint on it last summer, that was a fail, and had stripped it down to the bare wood afterwards before putting it into storage. So I did this time was just give it a quick wipe down and got going.
The table with its first coat of paint
The table with its first coat of paint
I used Heirloom Traditions Paint in the color Feathered Nest. It is important to stir the paint VERY well.  I then poured some out onto some tinfoil and used the paint from there, rather than dipping straight from the jar.  This prevents any contaminates from getting into your jar of paint and shortening the shelf life.  Using tinfoil makes for quick clean-up, too!

I painted with Heirloom Traditions' sponge applicator. Wow, does that ever make short work of a paint job! And no brush strokes or anything!

The wood was so dry & thirsty that the paint dried almost instantly so as soon as I finished the first coat, I was able to do the second (& final) coat.
The second (& final coat)
The second (& final coat)
It was 4.5 days before I had the opportunity to do the waxing. This was my first time using HTP wax, also. I used their liquid wax in the color Jet Black. I shook it thoroughly before squirting some out onto fresh tinfoil.  I then used a regular good paint brush to apply it to the table, coating generously.  Then, I used a dry cloth to wipe the excess off gently.  This is a trial & error process.  At least it was for me because I generally don't do 'antiquing'.  I really think I could have done the whole table bottom before wiping the excess off but I did it in four sections and ended up going back and reapplying in areas where I took off too much.  But, thats the beauty of this wax.  You can work with it.  I kept a damp cloth handy and used that some, too.
The top of the finished table
The top of the finished table
I decided to accent this piece with gold.  I used some spray enamel (Home Hardware brand) and after shaking the can like you are supposed to, I sprayed some out onto fresh tinfoil.  Then I used a cheap sponge brush and dry brushed the gold paint onto all the table's edges and then sponge painted the designs on using a stencil I had on hand.  I am super pleased with the results!  It has a moroccan vibe, doesn't it!
from boring to moroccan
I am very pleased with the finished product! I can't wait to try more of Heirloom Traditions Paint products and have placed another order.

Suggested materials:

  • Heirloom Traditions Paint  (online, there is a link above)
  • Heirloom Traditions Liquid Wax  (online, there is a link on my website post)
  • Heirloom Traditions sponge applicator  (online, there is a link on my website post)
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Joanne Diamond

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  • Abn23320013
    on May 31, 2017

    I have a NEW walnut finished coffee table that is way too dressy for my casual decor. I would like to do what you did as far as the painting goes, not the stenciling. Do I need to remove all the stain currently on the wood before starting?
    • Joanne Diamond
      on May 31, 2017

      If you are painting with Heirloom Traditions paint, no you don't have to strip the wood. Just clean it good with vinegar and water. If you are not using HTP, let me know what you do plan to use and I can better advise what to do. :)
  • Patty
    on Jun 27, 2017

    Love it! Did you sand the edges?
  • Claudia Ioanes
    on Jul 26, 2017

    Hi. Did you clean and dry table first. If so with what and how. Thanks

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