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Five Gallon Bucket Patio Table

I wanted a little side table for our front deck but as usual did not want to spend any money. What to do? Look around all our STUFF and figure something out using a five gallon bucket, paint and Dollar Store glass marbles
We removed the handle and spray painted the bucket blue, then used a nail gun to attach scraps of pallet boards left over from the pallet planters we made/are making.
I painted the boards blue then added a glass microwave plate that was the perfect 15" diameter. Hmmm, this project needs some BLING!
I crashed my stash for Dollar Store glass gems and a tube of silicone caulking.
Heeeey! This turned out nice and blingy! And it was FREE, baby!
Perfect for that spot between two chairs when we visit or just sit in the sun or enjoy the day. Still not sure if the glam style of the top goes with that rustic base but I've got a few other ideas I'm going to try. For now I'm calling this a win win!
PLUS, everything about this little table is waterproof. The glass gems, the microwave plate, the silicone sealer, the bucket and the recycled pallet boards, totally weatherproof. So I don't have to worry about bringing this table inside because of bad weather or the changing seasons. Really a WIN WIN!

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