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I know another gazing ball project. It just happened, I went to a yard sale but there was no way I'm passing up this deal, 2 bowling balls for $3. Here is my chance to make a gazing ball. Fall is almost here but I thought I'd get at least a month of enjoyment from it being in the garden. Now also, I'm thinking I have a start for Spring 2018. Here is what I started with.
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $12 Difficulty: Easy
I used sand paper to scuff the ball, so the glue would grab better. Then I punched holes in the bottom of gladware container, for drainage. I also put some glass gems on the bottom of the bowl and placed the bowling ball on it. I put the side with the holes face down.
Here's the great idea. I got one my end tables, turned on the t.v . I got all my supplies together and started placing the glass gems. There was no pattern, I'm sure it would have came out better if I did. This was fast and easy and then again I have the other bowling ball.
I started at the top of the bowling ball and just started gluing on the glass gems.I did about half, one evening. The next night I finished it up. Where there was some gaps I used some leftover stones from other projects I did. I didn't do the last quarter of the ball because you wouldn't see this when in the garden. The flowers will cover it.
This is it in the garden from the front and back. I just loved being able to relax and didn't have to think about where everything went. Just keep gluing.
Front view
Back view. On to the next project, solar light..good again for Spring 2018. Everything is on sale now!

Materials used for this project:

  • Gorilla glue   (Lowes)
  • Gladware bowl   (Had lots with missing lids)
  • Glass gems   (Where else, the dollar store)
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