An Embroided Bed!

I bought this beautiful white bed without the roses on the headboard! I forgot to take a photo of the "before", but I can show you the process!
Time: 4 DaysCost: $100Difficulty: Advanced
  • an embroided bed
As it is made with "esterilla" (HELP English speakers! I don´t know what is the word for this! I think the material is wicker braided in small squares). I thought I could use these little squares to embroider something in cross stitch.
  • an embroided bed
I collected many patterns from the web but I had a difficulty: the number of squares I had was very reduced, and that meant the number of stitches I could make wasn't as many. So I went looking for a different pattern and I found this pattern with more or less the width and length I needed. Off to work!
  • an embroided bed
I didn´t work with thread as in a normal embroidery but rather with ribbons that covered the size of holes I had.
  • an embroided bed
Work in progress....
  • an embroided bed
... and final result!
  • an embroided bed
A lovely and unique bed!
  • an embroided bed
To be honest, at the beginning I thought I would embroid the footboard as well. But after the headboard work, it was really exhausting, so I decided not to! Anyway, I love the way it looks!

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Wiker bed
  • Ribbons
Marcela Pena

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