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Kitchen Organization

my idea of kitchens may be against the contemporary standards as I have a very small one and I look upon a kitchen as a work shop not a place to ooh and ahh over.
Time: 60 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Medium
Since my space is so limited I have open shelving and little room for an open cookbooks so I often print recipes out or clip them from the paper. I pin them at eye level for ease in reading.
I loved this wooden crate. So I took the end with the printed image, turned it so that it could be hinged to the bottom of the box. Then I placed it into my cupboard so that I could place baking necessities in it. Flour/sugar are in the canisters which are from the '40's. Bottled products like oils/syrups etc are kept in under counter storage. I can bake a cake without moving my position, just pivoting.
storage of baking/cooking supplies.
These very inexpensive plastic boxes hang on the beadboard wall and are unbelievably useful. They hold small kitchen tools, tea bags, twist ties, etc. etc. These kitchen does not have one built in drawer.
a "pot garage" was constructed to hold small, easily accessible pots and pans.
This picture shows storage above and beside the stove. The hood is fastened to the "pot garage"
upper cabinets with closed pot garage.
Hanging shelves with small shelf unit in corner.
free standing many drawer small unit. Holds a multitude of items, silverware, junk drawer, lots of misc. kitchen tools etc. Was once a letter holder somewhere. My Dad and then my husband made the drawers.

shelving over southern kitchen window. Holds some of my china collection. Also holds colanders, strainers etc.

I made these shelves for wine/stemmed drinking glasses and some platters.

The bead board here is original to this 1905 house.

shallow pans hung under the counter.

tea pots on a shelf over doorway to dining room

baskets hung on porcelain knobs (from knob and tube wiring)

Materials used for this project:

  • Wood   (home depot)
  • Found items   (can't remember)
  • Paint   (Benj. Moore paint store)
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Ask the creator about this project

  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut Hamburg, NY
    5 days ago

    Wow! You have some amazing and practical organizing ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    • Emily
      Emily Cape Elizabeth, ME
      3 days ago

      Thanks Linda. This kitchen is only 7' X 12' and the seven feet is wall to wall! It works because we have two eating rooms on either side of it. In fact one was the old kitchen! This room was a pantry.

  • Wendy
    4 days ago

    All of the blue and white china and those baskets!! Love!

  • Emily
    Emily Cape Elizabeth, ME
    3 days ago

    I have lots and lots of blue and white dishes Wendy. Thank you!

  • Pat Ruge
    Pat Ruge Murrieta, CA
    22 hours ago

    I would be very comfortable in you well organized kitchen. My eyes would never be bored.

  • Emily
    Emily Cape Elizabeth, ME
    17 hours ago

    Thanks Pat. All of my house is amply furnished and I have trouble finding a bare spot on a wall to hang yet another plate or painting! I like a lot of visual stimulation.

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