Cedar Plank Recessed Coat Closet

We live in a mobile home, without an area to hang our jackets, so we built a recessed area behind the door.
Time: 4 HoursCost: $50Difficulty: Medium
I knew it wasn't a load bearing wall, and there wasn't any electrical wires running through it. Using a jig saw, I cut a large square so I could see into the wall. There was a stud a few inches on both ends of the wall, and one in the middle (16 inches apart).
  • cedar plank recessed coat closet
Sorry. I didn't take a picture before I cut the stud out. I used a reciprocal saw to cut as high as the top of the door, and down to about 10 inches from the floor. (There was an old gas connection in the wall). I cut the stud board out of the middle of the wall and put a footer and header board to give it a good finished look. I used cedar planks to line the back and sides.
  • cedar plank recessed coat closet
Using a Miter Saw, I made a frame to finish it out, using the same type planks, cut to fit.
  • cedar plank recessed coat closet
I screwed a board the length of the cabinet about 5 feet from the floor, then used one of the cedar planks to camouflage the board. I screwed 4 double garment hooks equally spaced.
  • cedar plank recessed coat closet
Here is the finished project. Not shown, I added another board with hooks above the hanging board, so my husband can hang his caps above the jackets. You could also store your umbrella, walking sticks, etc. on the sides, and/or put a few cup-type hooks on the side frame to put your gloves.
With this recessed closet, we can hang our jackets, and not impede the door staying open!
We love it, and it was very easy to build!

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