Repurposed Door Corner Shelf


I wanted a corner shelf in my condo. My daughter had several doors from her 130 y/o home.

Time: 1 WeeksCost: $25Difficulty: Medium
  • repurposed door corner shelf

Here were the basic steps:

  1. I cut one door in half, lengthwise and used corner brackets to attach the 2 halves to make a right angle.
  2. I used caulk in the corner to seal the gaps due to the panels.
  3. I purchased 2 corner shelves at Lowes.
  4. I built a shelf at the bottom which added more stability.
  5. After a healthy coat of paint my corner shelf was ready for the dining room.
  6. I anchored the unit to the wall using an eye-bolt and wire.
  7. I kept the glass knob on the door and hung an old skeleton key.
  • repurposed door corner shelf

Corner braces attached along back in 4 places

  • repurposed door corner shelf

This photo shows the braces attached

  • repurposed door corner shelf

This is how I built the bottom shelf with MDF

  • repurposed door corner shelf

These 2 shelves were purchased at Lowes, they fit perfectly for this project

  • repurposed door corner shelf

Here is the finished project, anchored to the wall with an eye-bolt and wire. This should help to protect grandchildren from tipping!

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