Hacking an Anthropology Lamp Shade

3 Materials
30 Minutes
I love the unusual, different and funky stuff! I saw this lamp shade and thought, "Oh I can make that no problem!" but my way !
You start with a plain white shade and I have a big square one to use! It was so plain jane, really needed to be jazzed up!
The second thing you need are some pom poms! I used some pom pom trim in black to match my black, white and gray kitchen!
Next hot glue !
I hot glued the trim on the bottom and top of the shade all the way around the rims! I then cut off a few pom poms to add in the middle more like the Anthropology but not as much!
It is funky now! Love the texture and it adds a little fun to the kitchen too!
The trim close up!
Lit up at night. Sorry about the picture will add a good one when it stops raining and the clouds go away!
This is the lamp shade from Anthropology $98-$128!!! No way I could afford that, so glad I know how to hack and build things I want !!
That was another easy peasy project with a big impact on funky fun style!
Not sure what the cost would be but I'm sure it would be under $20! Any style of shade and pom pom color will work! Add some fun to your decor!

Thanks for looking at my hack and all comments and questions are always welcomed !!

A little bit of a better picture  

Suggested materials:

  • Lamp shade   (on hand)
  • Pom pom trim   (on hand)
  • Hot glue   (on hand)

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  • Wendy Wendy on Aug 22, 2018

    Oh, I just love this recreation! Fun, fun, fun!

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Aug 22, 2018

      Thank you Wendy! I think it is so me and this could be done in no time!

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