FALL- Front Door

7 Materials
2 Hours

This project literally cost me $1, I wanted something for the front door. I understand this project has been done a "gazillion times", but I had to put my own twist on it. I found all the materials in my home, except for the leaves they came from the dollar tree for $1 for fifty and they actually have some sustenance.
fall front door
ok! I found this board in my attic, it is about 5'9' yes it probably belongs to my husband but now it has a purpose. and I wanted to get ready for the fall.
fall front door
The next step was to paint it all white and let it dry! yes this was done with old paint left over from what ever! My recommendation is to use any color.
fall front door
I then had to measure my board , that way the letters I wanted us use would fit. I then went to word document selected the type/style of letter I wanted changed the font to 600, hit print I did this for each letter.
fall front door
using a marker, trace the letter onto the board surface, keeping in mind you must save the triangle in the letter A and the D shape in the letter P..
fall front door
I put each letter against  some old folders I had, more sturdy than the paper, I attached the printed letter to the card board then cut out each letter.
fall front door
I then took a marker and traced the inside of each letter to the board, carefully aligning each letter, and insuring there was enough space for all letters, this is where the letter P insert has to be pinned down to trace, the same thing has to be done for the letter A.
fall front door
After the tracing was done I began to paint each letter with a small brush you can use a sponge type brush as well.
fall front door
After painting the letters I then, hot glued each leaf randomly onto the boarded surface beside the letters ,I did try not to place the same colors in the same area.
fall front door
these fall leave were hot glued to the board they were purchased from a local doll store for $1 a bag of 50, one bag was more than enough.
fall front door
...And this is the finished product, ready for the 22nd of September ;).

Suggested materials:

  • Glue gun
  • Old board
  • Paint
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