DIY Clay Bowl

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20 Minutes

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love easy DIY projects. Especially the ones that your kids can help you with and the ones that will keep them entertained for hours (and days). Yep, they are my favorite.

And I'll be honest, I did not come up with this idea. I've seen it all over Pinterest. I am also not a very creative person. I sometimes struggle with doing projects and then I second guess myself that I should even share some of my projects on here. And like all of my DIY projects, I start off with big plans and then experience a Pinterest fail as such.

diy clay bowl

Can you tell I started off with no plan whatsoever? I eventually dial down my plans and sometimes it works out. So that's what I did with this project. I ended up with little bowls and not that gigantic vase I was dreaming of making. I barely was able to make a little bowl-geesh.

I actually like my little bowls better, mainly because they were easier to make and they didn't require me to throw the 2 lb block of clay across the room. But also because they make cute little gifts.

diy clay bowl

And if I was really smart I'd have my kids put their fingerprints in the bottom of the bowls before I baked them because that would really make a cute Mother's Day gift. Next time, mom, if you are reading this.

This is a very easy project (minus my first attempt). Once you take your clay out of the packaging it will be pretty hard to work with. Just kept rolling it around and kneading it until it it gets soft enough to work with.

Roll out your clay with a rolling pin until you get around the size you need. I then used a small oven safe bowl and trimmed around the bowl with a knife.

diy clay bowl

Add your trimmed piece of clay to your oven safe bowl and bake according to the directions from your clay directions (mine was 15 minutes at 275 degrees)

diy clay bowl

(I used large muffin tins and a small glass bowl for this project)

I wanted more of an organic/handmade look for these bowls. If you want more of a professional look you could go all of the way with your clay to the rim of the bowl and trim off any excess clay.

Let your clay cool once you take it out of the oven and with a knife carefully pop your clay bowl out of your dish.

I waited a few hours to make sure it was pretty solid before I painted my bowls. This is where your creativity comes into play. I really am lacking in this department so I didn't do anything crazy.

I added some gold rub and buff I had on hand with my finger to the rim of these bowls.

diy clay bowl

Painted the inside of one blue

diy clay bowl

And then made this weird concoction. I'm sill on the fence about this one. My husband was looking at me strangely when I was working on this bowl (or whatever you want to call it)

diy clay bowl

I just rolled out some clay into long pieces...

diy clay bowl

And then placed them in my glass bowl and pinched the pieces together so they would kind of stick together. There is obviously still some gaps but that's what I like about it.

diy clay bowl

I think if I would have made it a tad bit taller I could have passed it off as a faux little planter. Again, next time.

This turned out to be such an easy DIY project and the kids loved helping as well. There are so many possibilities using clay. Head over to my website to see some other ideas you can do with clay!

Suggested materials:

  • Clay  (Amazon)
  • Paint  (Amazon)
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