How to Make a $250 Anthropologie Tassel Chandelier for Only $31!

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I fell in love with a gorgeous tassel chandelier from Anthropologie. Like, head over heels in LOVE. However, it costs $250…I saved it on my computer and frequently looked back it it, waiting for a sale…it didn’t happen. Then I thought “I can make that!” and off I went to make it for only $31! Seriously. $31! Try it out for yourself by following the below step-by-step tutorial. If you want to see more of my budget-friendly DIY projects, head over to my blog:

Here are the materials you will need:

3 metal floral hoops (6″, 10″ and 14″)

Classic 10 white crochet thread (3200 total yards)

Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch 2x Cover Spray Paint

24mm split rings (13)

Link chain

Inexpensive pendant light (without light shade)

Tupperware container lid, scissors, pliers and screwdriver

Spray paint the metal hoops using Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch 2x Cover Spray Paint.

Make 140 tassels using crochet thread, a Tupperware container lid and a scissors

First wrap the crochet thread around the Tupperware container lid 100 times.

Next tie the thread together at the edge of the lid.

Then cut the thread on the opposite side of the lid.

Fold the tassel in half, with the tied part being at the top. Tie the folded tassel together a little ways from the top as shown below.

Tie the tassels onto the metal hoops.

You’ll do this by threading a piece of thread through the top loop of the tassels, tying it to a hoop and cutting off the excess thread.

Once you have all the tassels tied to the three metal hoops, you’ll start assembling the chandelier

First put a split ring around the pendant light cord.

Attach the largest hoop to the pendant light using split rings and chain.

Use a pliers to open up chain links to create a piece of chain 16 links long. Put a split ring around the largest hoop. Attach the chain to the split ring on the pendant light and the split ring on the large hoop.

Attach three other chains the same way, ensuring that the same number of tassels are between each split ring.

Attach the medium-size hoop to the large hoop.

Lay the medium-size hoop under the large hoop. Using a pliers, create chain links that are 7 links long. Attach split rings to the medium-size hoop, ensuring that there are the same number of tassels between each one. Attach the chains to the rings on the large hoop and the medium-size hoop as shown below.

Attach the small hoop to the medium hoop using the same methodology you used in the previous step.

Install the pendant light.

Use the instructions on the pendant light to install it. Ensure that you use an LED light bulb in this light fixture to avoid a fire hazard.

Now you’ll have a gorgeous tassel chandelier for only $31! If you have a friend who is expecting a baby girl, consider sharing this DIY project with her for a budget-friendly way to make her nursery beautiful. Also, this tassel chandelier could work in any room in your home to add a little boho vibe to the space.

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Suggested materials:

  • 3 metal floral hoops (6″, 10″ and 14″)  (Amazon)
  • Classic 10 white crochet thread (3200 total yards)  (Amazon)
  • Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch 2x Cover Spray Paint  (Amazon)
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  • Randy
    2 days ago

    That is beautiful! Would you post a picture with the light on? And what wattage bulb should it be?

    • Thank you, Randy! Here is a picture of it on. We used 60 watt but for safety you should use whatever wattage your pendant light says to use. The most important part is that it's an LED bulb so it doesn't get hot.

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