Create a Stunning Statement Wall for Less Than $5.

2 Materials
2 Hours

Creating beautiful things for essentially zero cost, is an amazing feeling. This is the second sharpie wall I have done in my home and I often get asked If it’s tile, even when people see it in person.

I absolutely love these walls, they are so cheap and so simple. And If you ever want to change the space, simple apply a coat or two of fresh paint and the pattern is gone.

Follow along with me and I will show you just how simple it is.

Let’s get started

Materials needed:

  • sharpie oilbased paint pen in black
  • 4’ level

Decide on the pattern you want on your wall. I measured out my wall and did a few calculations and figured out what the distance Needed to be between my lines.

Im a visual person, so I drew it out roughly on my iPad. A simple piece of paper works just as well.

here is my rough sketch with dimensions.

You don’t need to do this but, I would recommend either painting your wall with a fresh coat of paint prior to starting or get a small paint match to the wall. That way if you make a mistake you can fix it by simply painting over it.

you might notice that my sketch only has 6 horizontal spaces but my actual wall has 12. This happened because after I drew out the Initial spacing that I planned for, I didn’t like how big the spaces were so I decided to put in extra horizontal lines.

*this is what I love so much about sharpie walls, you don’t have to be scared to stray from your original plan because If you do something you don’t like, you can just paint over it with the color of the wall you are drawing on.

Draw out all your horizontal lines with a pencil

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I drew out all my lines with a pencil first. In this video you will notice I am using a small piece of wood. I found it to be much easier to cut a small piece of wood to the size of your spacing and mark off of this.

It’s much easier to hold a solid piece of wood Flat against the wall then it is to hold a flimsy tape measure up.

I also chose to use a 4’ level for the horizontal lines, this way you can tell if your line is going to be straight by looking at the bubble on the level.

Mark out for you angled lines

according to my calculations at the start on my iPad, I knew I needed 15.5” spacing between my angled vertical lines. So, like before, instead of trying to struggle with a tape measure, I cut a piece of MDF at 15.5” and used this as a measuring device.

You can see in the video I’m holding the 15.5” piece up along the horizontal pencil lines and making a mark. When you end with the piece touching the wall, you need to start the next line in at 7.75” since this is Half of 15.5”.

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Time to use the sharpie

use a straight edge and match each end up to the marks you made on your horizontal lines and press firmly with the sharpie slightly angled upright and draw the line. Continue doing this until all the vertical angled lines are complete.

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Draw your horizontal lines

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Once you are done all your vertical lines, draw out your horizontal lines with the paint pen.

You can see in the video at the end, I decided to double up some of the vertical angled lines. This wasn't part of the original plan but last minute I decided to add them and I am happy I did.

Sharpie walls are so easy to do. Don’t be scared to try one. If you mess up just paint over it. If the pattern with the angled lines intimidates you you can try something more simple. That’s what I did my first time in another bathroom of mine.

that Wall I just started with a simple grid pattern and went from there. If you would like to see a time lapse of this wall head to my Instagram page.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for following along with me. The hardest part about these walls is figuring out the measurements, after that, it’s easy sailing.

if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. and be sure to hit the follow button on here as well as on Instagram

cannot wait for our next DIY together



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  • Ka
    on Jul 10, 2020

    I just love your first wall. I would love to do it. I was wondering about the sharpie pens, My son years ago used a sharpie in his closet, and i used Kiel's to cover but it didn't. I was told by painter it has to be oil based to remove. What kind of sharpie's are you using and can you really cover over them by just regular paint. You are so imaginative! It looks professional to me, How long did it take you. You did great, second one looks good too, but i like the simplicity of the first one. I don't think i could do the second one. Thank you for giving me a great idea, You are awesome at what you do. God bless you, Rachel, and thank you again, Kathy Hall

    • Dorcas Wright Berthold
      on Jul 26, 2020

      I bought a home where the previous owner did faux painting in most of the rooms. I only hated one that was the color of Campbell’s Tomato Soup (love the soup tho) and then she painted triangular flags all the way around st the top. Each triangle had a Golden ball hanging off the point. All would’ve been fine if she hadn’t decided to make an embellishment on each ball like a letter C. It took 4 coats of Kilz to cover each place where she made the black C on the gold paint.

  • D fuhrman
    on Jul 13, 2020

    Why does it have to be oil based Sharpie?

    • Amber (elk island rustics)
      on Jul 13, 2020

      well it doesn’t, but if you use just a normal sharpie marker and decide to paint over it in the future , it’s going to be a huge pain to prevent bleed through. So if you use an oil based paint marker, its just like painting over paint with paint. If that makes sense ...

  • Tammy
    on Jul 24, 2020

    I love this! Could this also be done on tile? Wanted to update the tile in my bathroom☺

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  • Artis Wolfinger
    on Jul 12, 2020

    That is tedious work, Looks great, took a lot of thinking on your part. Smart lady.

  • Natasha Cahela
    36 minutes ago

    Your wall and bathroom look fabulous, thanks for sharing. Every time I see this post, I keep trying to figure out what you used on the corners of your mirror. Can you please share what you used or if you’ve done so already please direct me to the link?

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