Tomatoes and their need for water

I started May 28th planting 4 tomatoes around a garbage can with holes drilled in the bottom rim and a second row up about 10 inches. I buried the can to where the top holes just barely were above the ground, put in two shovels full of compost, then I fill the can up with water ever 2 days and tried not to water the leaves.
These four plants are now 5 ft 4 inches in less that a month and a half and loaded with green tomatoes and about a hundred sets of tomato blossoms.
May 28th 2012
End of June toping the 3 ft cage
July 9th after a week of record high temps and very little rain...the plants here are loaded with tomatoes inside the cage and full of blooms too!

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  • Toni Doyle
    Toni Doyle
    on Jul 27, 2020

    James, with the cage so full and tight around the plants, how do you get to all of the suckers? Or do you take off the suckers or leave them on the plant?

  • Josephine Fowler
    Josephine Fowler
    on Aug 19, 2020

    Can I start my tomatoes now grow from the seedlings I started the 1 of August?

    • T B
      T B
      on Nov 10, 2020

      Depends on where you live. Tomato plants will die if it freezes. I have started seedlings in the Spring and harvested all Summer then cut the plants back in late Summer when it got too hot. About 1/2 of them are still alive now and are producing tomatoes again.

  • Marilyn
    on Oct 4, 2020

    What size trash can?

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  • Mike Andre
    Mike Andre
    on Sep 9, 2020

    Hi James, What diameter holes do you drill in the plastic and about how many holes do you drill around the circumference of container?

  • Ian Mugoya
    Ian Mugoya
    on Nov 6, 2020

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