Kids Cave

Unfinished portion of our Basement into a Kids Cave. 4 Kids and a Christmas Budget. We told the kids we were spraying the room for insects... One Weekend Project.
Before Project.. Our dog Belle is ready to help

Items you will need:

- 4X8 Styrofoam boards (we had ours cut in half to fit in our van, this was much easier to work with too).

- Walmart Soldering Iron

- Grey, Red Brick paint, Black paint to mix for darker bricks or second brick color of choice

- Styrofoam adhesive (2.99 from Lowes)

- Caulk gun

- Carpet Knife (for cutting Styrofoam to fit around vents etc.)
Brick Wall Design:

On your Styrofoam board alternate and mark blocks 4" X 8" using a grey marker. Using other colors will tend to bleed through the final coats of paint.
Alternated scribe lines
Using a Solder Iron, (Walmart $10.00) Solder the lines drawn. Do not press hard. **Please keep your area well ventilated!!!** You do not need the tips that are sold with the Solder Iron, their too small.
Looking like a Brick Wall... Solder pieces of the brick and around the edges to add more character.
Mix Flat/Satin Grey paint with water. Note: Very Watery. Paint entire sheet.
Let Dry
Pick out the color paint you want your brick to be. Using a roller, use very little paint so that paint does not get in between bricks. If some surface does not cover, use the end of the roller and dab the spots with heavier paint. Using a paint brush seems to take away from the texture.
To make wall look more realistic mix your paint with a black to darken and paint darker bricks.
Hang on the wall using Styrofoam Adhesive. Painted the concrete wall and the Styrofoam black. We used the Styrofoam to hang up our kids Guitar Hero Guitars.
Adding a mural to give the room a true game experience. My choice of course PACMAN!
Mural detail.
Christmas Lights, Black Carpet, Novelty Signs from Lowes, Styrofoam balls we painted with glow in the dark spray paint, Black lights we had from Halloween, and Gaming tables and an Arcade game topped off the room. We also found a futon for sleepovers. The futon, carpet, and all the gaming equipment were a huge score off Craigslist :) With a cost of under $300.00 we transformed this empty canvas into a Kids Cave in ONE WEEKEND!
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