Farmhouse Industrial Master Bathroom Reveal

by AvantiMorocha
3 Materials
3 Months
This was the largest project my husband and I have ever done to our house. You should know, it wasn’t easy but it was very rewarding. While my husband and I we have a really good relationship, some of you tell me OOOOHHHHH you husband is so nice he does all those things etc, this was somewhat trying; we were tired. Yes, I admit I’m very lucky and while my husband is handy, he’s not the kind of person that wants to spend his weekends doing housework so during this project there were more than a couple arguments. All that said, we had a lot of fun making this project and we’re extremely happy with the results. It sounds like a contradiction but despite the arguments, we came together, got the work done and had as much fun as we could give the grueling and laborious circumstances.

Check out the video to learn how we made you transform our cookie cutter bathroom in this beautiful Farmhouse Industrial bathroom. You could also see what we did and our process in the picture below.
I hope you liked our master bathroom remodel and all of the projects we’ve done to get the space ready to show. I also hope you feel inspired to go forth and update a space in your own home. If you have any questions or would just like to chat about the project(s) please just leave me a message as I’d love to chat more about these projects. You'll find more detail information on my blog.

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Suggested materials:
  • Wood   (Home Depot)
  • Subway tile   (Pro-source)
  • Floor tile   (Lowes)
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