Blue White Bathroom Update

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I decided that I needed a little more added to my bathroom decor. So I put together a small display on the shelf behind the toilet.
I love my hundreds of years old pietra wall in my bathroom but it needed to become more interesting. It is the area behind the toilet and the bidet. Here's how I put together a nice display on the shelf. First I sought out two big blue white lidded vases to place on the shelf.
Then I took the ugly frames of two oil paintings which, in my view, give a good impression of the Italian countryside. Without the frames they look more artistic and bohemian, just the image I am after. Both pictures have blue skies and just lean towards the stone wall.
Then I added a statue of Michelangelo's David and a statue of a nude woman, both in white.
Finally a succulent plant in a white pot which will survive on the spot without a lot of direct sunlight. Now I have something interesting to look at while taking a shower ?
Done ! The finished display shelf.
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  • Wendy Wendy on Sep 05, 2017
    What a difference this makes! I particularly love the blue and white china!