New Life for an Old Friend

I took an old Patagonia Lowboy dresser that had served well for years, and gave her new life. Refinishing this piece would have been very costly. But like most ladies, a little make over and she is beautiful again. You can see there is damage to the bottoms of the drawers, so rebuilding was not an option. This piece has scars of life, as we ll do, and I wanted to allow them to show.
The paint I used was very old..oil based enamel. The style I used is pulled paint.
I gave it a sharp white base and grey pulled paint to highlight her age.
This photo shows how the pulled paint aged the piece.
I allowed the grain to show through. It was just too pretty to hide. I am not usually a fan of distressed furniture, but this just called for it. I am very happy with the results. I still have to finish with the handles. I am making my own handle covers out of jewelers wire to appear as wire feathers for the top pulls and crows for the bottom pulls. In the middle of the 2 lower drawers will be a painted emblem of a crow and tree of life.
This was not the original dresser, but it is very close to it. The style is Patagonia Lowboy.
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