Rescued Dresser

This little dresser was slated for the dumpster. I cannot stand to see pieces - especially those in good shape - get tossed. I brought it home, sanded it a little, and without knowing what I wanted to do with it, began to search my basement for paint.
I am known for painting everything black and decided it was time to experiment with other colors.
I went searching my basement for paint and found this really cool green color - sort of a grey/green.
I decided to give it one coat only to suggest a distressed look. I love this little dresser. Almost hate to give it away!
Here's the top - as well as can be seen through a photo - they never do it justice.
I loved the color so much that I painted this stray nesting table as well.
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  • Lori Lori on Aug 23, 2015
    I love it too. I can't believe it was slated for the dumpster, what is the matter with people? It has such beautiful lines and you did a great job.

    • Kate F Kate F on Mar 13, 2018

      thank you -I used to work in a restoration company that cleaned up water damaged property and contents that are damaged by water get labeled "unsalvageable items" by the insurance company and they get tossed. I would bring it back to the shop and put it in my car to take home and redo. I've walked many a piece of sturdy furniture out of a dumpster to rescue - redo and give away. Thank you - did you check out some of the other pieces?