Rose Stain "painted" Small Accent Table

I took a small accent table and stained a rose onto the top. I have been wanting to move my stain painting technique onto wood for awhile. I got some inspiration from Embryos and Sawdust, now Reality Daydreams. However, after trying her technique at it, I had to go back to my own way of painting with stain.
This was the original sweet little table. I would say it has a maple finish on the wood top. I sanded it down before I started any of the staining.
This picture was taken when I was near being finished. What I found was, I had to go back and put it on my MacBook to see it from a distance to see where it was lacking shadow. It's very difficult to see it close up.
More shadowing and more stain...
And the final sweet little table. Still needs a coat of poly, but it is too cold here to do that right now! Probably this weekend.

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  • Lori Lori on Feb 18, 2016
    It's really lovely, especially the newest picture.

    • M&M Embellishments M&M Embellishments on Feb 18, 2016
      @Lori Thank you, Lori! It's the same table, just different lighting. Can't seem to get my photos adjusted correctly. iPhone seems to be my best bet!

  • Terrie Terrie on Feb 10, 2020

    I would love to have your artistic abilities. So gorgeous