Leaves, Barn Doors, Imagination = My Dining Table ( Seats 10)

3 Materials
3 Weeks
I went to the typical furniture stores and was disheartened when going to purchase a new dining room set. So, I decided to build my own with scrap wood. I knew I wanted something completely unique, so with the help of my best friend; we set out to the wood pile.
I sanded like a crazy person and made a base.
I raided the wood pile and drew out sketches before I started to put the base together. I wanted something that was different, classical and represented something I love...
The vision is starting to come together
I knew I wanted a pedestal that I could rest my feet on. The best part of building your own anything... There aren't AnY rules!!
Experimenting is fun!
Be sure to put your pedestals on from the bottom! I needed to make sure I could move my table easily. So, we designed it in two separate pieces. I used a hand torch to bring out the wood grain patterns. I opted to lightly stain it. I knew that the top piece would be a richer colour.
Stability is paramount
I found some cool hardware to help support the top ( I spray painted it black, just am profoundly bad at taking pictures ) also there are more supports on the bottom of the pedestals now. I stained them to match the tabletop and tie it together.
Old barn door... Not anymore!
I designed my shape, and took out a jigsaw and hacksaw for the old nails I encountered. I tried to chemically remove the old paint. Not much success, I'm a dope and didn't take a picture of the door itself. It was black! When I cut my shape out, I had to flip it over and reinforce every slat! Zeus could smack my table top and wouldn't leave a dent it's THAT strong now.
I look like Popeye now
For literally hours I buffed, which was great because not only did it make an amazing texture, but I was able to bring out the details where I wanted them. We flipped it over and then added the pedestal brackets we made. So the top lifts easily up and off the base, then we just tighten the bolts to keep it locked in position.
Dark stain please!
I then put two coats of stain on. I also experimented with a bit of 2x4 to see how deep the stain bled. I needed to practice with the Dremel.
I adore autumn
I used a washable marker and drew out my 'veins' then followed my pattern. I was thrilled with how easy this step was!
May you please pass the pepper?
I verathaned over my pattern after putting stain on the screws the fastened for the pedestal brackets. I had to add some more support to the bottom of the pedestals. I love having a table that seats ten comfortably and is truly mine! My daughters laughed at the size of it once all was said and done, 6'4x 4' .... Just right for the girls and I lol... Bring on the dinner parties and wine!

Suggested materials:

  • Old barn door
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Stain

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