How to Make a Funky DIY Couch Out of Pool Noodles

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Today, we’re going to be making a DIY pool noodle couch! This DIY couch is super simple, cheap, and so much fun to make. I previously made a cardboard couch, so now it's time to try something new. Pool noodles cost a lot less than foam and they’re also comfortable.

Pool noodle couch by Benjamin Guedj

Pool noodle couch by Benjamin Guedj

This DIY project is inspired by the pool noodle couch by Benjamin Guedj. A lot of people sent this to me, so I decided to do my own spin on it. Let’s start!

Tools and materials:

  • Pool noodles
  • Wood boards
  • Wood beams
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Jigsaw
  • Electric drill
  • Screws
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Knife
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun

DIY Pool Noodle Furniture

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Measuring the couch dimensions

1. Measure the couch dimensions

I’m measuring the base for my couch 70cm deep x 1.8m long (27.5 inches x 70.8 inches). You don’t have to use two pieces of wood; I’m just using what I have.

Cutting the wood with a jigsaw

Cut out the shape with a jigsaw.

Drawing a curve

2. Make the curved edges

This is a simple hack for creating the perfect curve. Tie a piece of string to a marker, then measure the string to the length you want. Nail it in place in the center, then draw a perfect circle!

Cutting out the curved sides

Cut out the curve with your jigsaw. Repeat on the other side.

Repeat everything again on another piece of wood, so you have two of the same size and shape.

Measuring the depth of the wood

3. Make the couch more sturdy

We need to make sure the couch is sturdy enough, in case you want to throw yourself onto it. So, we’re placing some thin wood beams along the long sides. To place them correctly, measure the depth of your wood away from the edge, as shown. Then, cut the beams to length.

Drilling beams in place

Drill the beams to the base pieces and add screws. I did five holes for each beam.

For the back of the couch, you don’t need to factor in the depth of the wood, just place the beam flush with the edge.

Base and seat for the DIY couch

This is what you should have so far.

Adding the height

Now you can see why I added those beams where I did. Next, when we add the beams for height, they won’t be able to move, and the couch will be extremely stable.

Cutting the beams to length

4. Create the height

Cut the beams to 37cm in length (14.5 inches), which is the height of our couch.

Drilling the beams in place

Drill holes and screw the beams in place opposite each other.

Placing a beam between the legs

Add a beam in the middle as well.

How to make a DIY couch

I did four on each side. Drill and screw the top in place, and remember to add the central beams between the two legs for the top as well (flip the couch to do this).

Adding the front of the couch

5. Add the front

Next, cut a piece of wood for the front that is 37cm (14.5 inches) in height x the length of the couch. See how it slots in so seamlessly because we left that gap for the depth of the wood? 

Every time I get my math calculations right, I want to call my high school math teacher and tell her!

Nailing the front in place

Nail the front in place.

How to make a couch out of pool noodles

Now the part you’ve all been waiting for: it’s time to add the pool noodles!

Cutting the pool noodles in half

6. Cut the pool noodles lengthwise

There is a technique for cutting the pool noodles in half lengthwise. Cut your knife into the pool noodle until you reach the bottom. Then, slowly drag the noodle through the knife.

Placing the pool noodles on the couch

7. Add the pool noodles to the couch

Now it’s time to place the pool noodles on the couch, cut them to length, and figure out how many you need.

Stapling fabric to hold the pool noodles in place

I’m not attaching the pool noodles to the base. Instead, the fabric is going to hold the pool noodles in place. Place the noodle where it needs to be, then staple the fabric down on either side.

How to staple the pool noodles to the couch

Tip: Staple along the top, then down the side before adding the next noodle. Otherwise, it’s difficult to get the staple gun between the noodles, and the fabric smushes together.

Cutting the pool noodle on a curve

For the curved sides of the couch, cut the pool noodles to follow the curves.

Stapling the pool noodles

You don’t need to go down the side for the curved parts, just staple the end of the fabric to the bottom of the base.

Adding beams to the sides

8. Nail the back & add beams to the curved sides

I don’t know why my camera decided to abandon me at this point. Basically, I nailed the back of the couch in place. 

Then, I added thin pieces of wood to the sides, so I can attach the pool noodles to something for the sides and arms. I nailed 6 pieces to each side.

Stapling pool noodles to the back of the couch

9. Add pool noodles to the sides and back

Now, I can repeat the same process of placing and stapling the noodles to the sides and back of the couch.

Sliding a pool noodle onto the top of the couch

For the top of the arm, I took a pool noodle and cut it only to the middle, not in half. I placed it on the top edge of the wood, as shown. Then, cover it in fabric and staple it in place.

Tucking the fabric into the couch crease

10. Repeat on the inside

Repeat the same process for the inside of the back and arms. For the last pool noodle, you won’t be able to staple it in place as easily, so just fold and tuck the fabric into the crease at the back. Then, staple the gaps between the noodles.

DIY pool noodle couch

DIY pool noodle couch

Here’s the finished DIY pool noodle couch! I really loved how it turned out. I had a load of pool noodles left over, so I also created a pool noodle bed frame in a similar style.

How to make a DIY couch out of pool noodles

What do you think of my pool noodle couch and do you have any more suggestions for DIY pool noodle ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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