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So you want that awesome sturdy looking lounging sofa for your garden or living room, but don't want to splash the cash needed for a quality store made one?

You're at the right place, because that's exactly what I thought too! Let's dive into the beautiful world of DYI and build this sofa together!

BUT before we start, a full detailed step by step manual with everything you need to know for this project (step by step walkthrough, needed materials, tools, time and budget) can be downloaded from my site! If you liked it, please leave me a review! Here's the link:

Materials used & their links on Amazon:

- Wood dye -

- Brushes -

- 4 wheels for the table -

- A lot of screws -

- Brackets - &

- Sanding Paper -

- Wood Glue -

- EuroPallets

Let's go!

The video above explains everything in slightly less detail than the manual, but I'd suggest you watch it anyway! Let's begin the process...

The Sofa's Measurements

The sofa itself is 2544mm x 2144mm x 800mm (see image above). The Coffee Table is 800mm x 672.5mm x 338mm (see image below). They are made out of 10 (EU) pallets in total.

The Coffee Table's Measurements

First things first: sand ALL the pallets and remove any protruding nails and splinters. Done? Great job, that must have taken quite a while!

Step 2: Saw two pallets in half after the second row of blocks, like in the picture above. You should get 4 pieces out of this step. Remove the bottom two planks from the 2 smaller pieces, they should form a 'mini pallet' together and look like the picture below.

1 of the 2 halves from the mini pallet

The two bigger pieces are going to form the coffee table, set those aside for now.

The 3 pallets with removed planks.

Step 3: Once again, remove the bottom two planks. But this time do it on 3 complete pallets and save the removed planks for step 4. The 3 pallets will look like the picture above.

Step 4: Saw the leftover planks from step 3 in 4 strips of 40mm x 672.5mm to fit in the gaps of the top part of the coffee table, like the picture above. Glue them with wood glue, screws can also be used when going for a rougher look.

Step 5: Clean ALL the pallets and pieces with a mixture of water, soap and vinegar and let them dry.

Step 6: Cover ALL the pallets and pieces with a thick layer of wood dye and let them dry 24 hours. Repeat this process and make sure you've covered every spot.

Step 7: Assemble the Coffee Table by putting the two big half pallets from step 2 on top of each other and connecting them using a straight bracket like the picture below.

Afterwards, mount the 4 wheels at the bottom using screws, like the picture below.

Step 8: Mount the two smaller pieces from step 2 together using straight brackets, so they form a mini backrest together. This backrest will be used to fill in the gap in the corner of the sofa.

Step 9: Put two of the untouched pallets on top of each other and connect them using straight brackets. Do this 3 times. This will create the seating pallets.

Step 10: Mount the 3 'big' backrest pallets (which have their bottom two planks removed) to the seating pallets using corner brackets, like the picture above.

Step 11: Mount the mini backrest to the alone standing full backrest with straight brackets using screws. I opted for a handle so future rearrangement would be possible, but this is up to you!

Step 12: Put everything together and put your pillows on, you are now officially done and the proud owner of a beautiful custom Pallet Sofa with rolling Coffee Table!

Thank you so much for building this with me! I loved doing it and hope you did too. Please send me your sofa's, I would love to see what the community can create!

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Resources for this project:
Wood Dye 7L / 1.85 Gallons
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  • Daantje Rijnja Daantje Rijnja on Jul 24, 2017

    This looks great! Would it be possible to paint the wood?

    I want to make it white. would it be better to do this after or before the wood dye?

  • Theresa Mayes Breithaupt Theresa Mayes Breithaupt on Jul 31, 2018

    Where did you get the cushions ?????

  • Melissa Melissa on Aug 08, 2019

    FYI- I tried the links posted and none of them worked so, I checked YouTube for the video and found it under the account Grayfish Design.

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