Hanging Pot Flower Balls

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When you hang up a store-bought hanging pot, all you see from underneath is the pot. This idea covers the entire outside of the pot with flowers, for a much nicer finished product...and so much cheaper too ($5 per pot)
Using a Keyhole saw, drill holes into pots. If you drill through 2 or 3 pots at the same time, there is less likelihood of the plastic cracking. I do one row of 6 holes close to the bottom and then another, staggered row of 6 more holes for the second row.
I bought 6-packs of red wax begonias for $1.99 at Renot-Depot in Gatineau. My planters are for the shade, so I could also use Impatiens. If your pots are going into the sun, you could use Petunias. If you want to water less frequently, you can use Portulaca, but the wax begonias will also hold water well and do well in both sun and shade.
Squeeze root section of seedling to make it easier to insert into the hole.
One seedling in each hole
First row of 6 seedlings done!
Place a small piece of landscape fabric on the top of the plant to block the hole to keep the soil from washing out.
Second row of seedlings planted
Once again, block hole with fabric.
Cover with potting soil or Container Mix (if you do not have an irrigation system, and do not want to have to water as often, buy the Container Mix that has the water-retaining granules....it's the one with the water droplet symbol on the bag)
Add more plants to the top (I have 4 seedlings shown here) (the plants will grow and spread out in no time)
Fill in gaps with more potting soil
Add hanger and you're done. In no time at all, the plants will get bigger and all you will see is a ball of blooms; you won't see the pot at all.
And remember, once you have your pots (from last year), and your soil and fertilizer, each pot will cost only about $5 each. I make 16 of them for all around my home, so this is a big money saver for me. It takes me about 15 minutes to make up 2 pots.
Here are two pots I did with Impatiens.
I added some Periwinkle from my garden, to add a bit of a draping effect. these too will grow longer and fuller.

Suggested materials:
  • Keyhole saw
  • Plastic pots (recycled from previous year)
  • Potting Soil/Container Mix
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