Window Box Cheap Hack

2 Minutes
if you don't want to go and buy liner from your plant store to hold soil and plants in a window box just use a giveaway fabric bag!
Empty window box
Line this for FREE..with a give away fabric bag..I got this one upon entry into the Home Show
free giveaway tote
Cut this bag open then fold and mold the flaps
make 4 cuts down the sides to open flaps
Fold extra fabric and even the straps neatly inside
fold to fit
You don't have to be perfect...
add plants and mulch
I planted 2 rapunzel cascading tomato plants and one marigold companion
Cheapo liner..beautiful!
I love the color blue and having a free liner was the right price home store sells liner for $2.99 a square foot that's way too much... so I decided to use my repurposing noodle...

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  • Alice Alice on Jul 01, 2018

    Great idea !!!

  • I use those bags as planters. Just fill it up with soil and stick your plant in. Nothing too big of course but they're perfect for peppers, eggplants, lettuce, etc. They're not all created equal, but even the cheapest Quality bags have lasted for an entire season. They drain well too