Bye-Bye Cabinet ... Hello Open Shelving! LOVE

My large kitchen cabinet began to pull away from the wall, when I took it down to repair it, I loved the way it opened the counter space. So I opted to build a cubby for ingredient jars and have open shelving on the bottom. LOVE!
Open shelving project - love the result!
Here is the finished product of removing a large kitchen cabinet that needed to be repaired. I am thrilled with the result!
The large cabinet on the right started to pull away from the wall so I had to remove it for repair.
So I used large L brackets and 1 x 2 for support of the shelves.
Once removed, I really liked the way it opened up the counter space for a prep area. The cabinet was so low, it really limited the space use.
SO I built a cubby cabinet for my large ingredient jars and it also served the purpose of keeping the over cabinet lighting in place as well as the crown molding. It provided great storage but kept the lines of the cabinets in check.
I trimmed the cubby cabinet out and painted it white. I then bought cotton duck fabric in a Kate Spade inspired polka dot pattern in grey and ivory. This provided a bit of whimsy as well as covering the wall brackets. I can also change this out for the seasons or just to add some new interest to the space. Found the wire baskets at Goodwill for .99 cents. SCORE!
I bought chalkboard tags at JoAnn fabrics for like $2.00 and I also covered the dividers in Mickey Mouse scrapbook paper. I always like to add a touch of a "hidden Mickey" to my projects. ºoº
I used 2 x 12 x 4 ft lumber in the scrap wood section of a home store. This worked great! I took grey paint and mixed it with a lot of water and simply brushed it on. I wanted the grain and knots to show for a rustic chic look.
I must say it was a lot of fun trying different pieces on the shelves. I did them here for St. Valentine's Day which was fun. I know that I will be changing it out every couple of weeks. I am a lot more thrilled with the way they turned out! I still have the kitchen cabinet in case I ever get the urge to put it back up. But I totally doubt that will ever happen.
If you are looking for an economical way to add a bit of zing to your kitchen, think about open shelving. Remove a cabinet or two and give it a shot. It really makes the kitchen a bit more contemporary, interesting and fun without breaking the bank. :-)
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