How to Clean a Keurig

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Whether you love or hate the Keurig Coffee Maker, it’s still one of my favorite and most used appliances in my house. I am the lone coffee drinker in my house and I love the convenience and taste of Keurig coffee. One thing that’s frustrating with a Keurig coffee maker though is how to clean it! You’ve all heard the stories about the bacteria that builds up in the Keurig and how to descale a Keurig on a regular basis, but I have the easy way to clean a Keurig Coffee Maker without any chemicals!!

Coffee Mug
Wet Cloth
Dry Towel
White Distilled Vinegar

Unplug your machine and get a coffee mug, wet cloth, dry towel, and white distilled vinegar.

Fill your Keurig water reservoir about half full with vinegar and swish around the tank with the lid on. If you want to descale the Keurig, then vinegar helps with this process. Fill the rest of the reservoir up with water and then run the machine on the brew cycle without the K-cup inserted. The Keurig will likely ask you if you want to dispense hot water, which is what you want.

*Repeat this process until all the water in the reservoir is used up.
Fill the reservoir up completely with water again and repeat the process of running hot water through the tank. This helps flush out ALL the vinegar. If you don’t do this well, you’ll notice that your coffee creamer will curdle in your coffee the next time you make it (no bueno!).

*It’s recommended that you do this every 3-6 months with your Keurig.
After your reservoir is nice, clean, and descaled, focus on taking apart the inner pieces where the K-cup goes. I like to use my  HomeRight Steam Machine’s smallest nozzle to get in there and steam clean the insides of that area.

I place a coffee mug underneath to catch the water and what falls out as a result was fairly gross. The HomeRight Steam Machine kills 99% of germs within your Keurig just by using the power of STEAM! This is the chemical free way to clean a Keurig.
Wipe your Keurig down with a wet cloth on the outside and dry off thoroughly.

Don’t forget to wash any parts that come off with warm, soapy water (this includes the base of the machine which catches the excess coffee! It’s the perfect place for MOLD to grow!).
Don't forget while you're going through this process to check the status of your Keurig Water Filter to ensure that it doesn't need replaced. You should be descaling the Keurig with this process every 3-6 months to ensure top quality performance and tasty coffee!

So there you have it! The EASY way to clean a Keurig is even easier than I bet you thought it would be!

Suggested materials:

  • Vinegar
  • Water

Abbey D
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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Apr 04, 2018

    The filter is at the bottom of the water container. Other people online said you just unclip them and change. But my filter is screwed down. The filters are sold at Walmart near the coffee filters, I’m told.

    I guess I lucked out. I regurlarly washed the water holder and other parts that I figured out how to remove in water and Dawn, in the sink. But my Keurig had stopped working, so I looked online. That’s where I learned I needed replacement filters. I told hubby and we washed the filter while it was in the container with a soft toothbrush. But even there, I didn’t find anything about the needle except where to order replacements. What else don’t I know about these machines?

  • Eric Eric on Apr 07, 2018

    Do you / anyone know where/how to get/ buy a REPLACEMENT gasket/ seal at the upper needle cup penetrators? Mine is really shot, gooie, nasty and Kure ick customer service 1-800 " hotline is a circular adventure into the frustration zone!


  • April Rose-Sharp April Rose-Sharp on Jul 11, 2018

    I received a manual with my Keurig. It explained everything, about the needle, filter and how to clean the machine. Did none of these people receive a Manuel/ operators manual??


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