Reusing Tomato Containers for Crochet Thread.

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Using these wonderful tomato containers, I can keep my balls of yarn and thread clean and safe.
I recently purchased a four pack of tomatoes for $.99 at Canned Food Warehouse (now known as Grocery Outlet Bargain Market).

When I got it home, I was headed for the recycling bin when I realized the value of this little container. I can put four balls of crochet thread or yarn inside, and they have been kind enough to even put four holes in the top for me!

The contents stay pretty safe, easy to transport, convenient, stack able, and I don't have to touch the yarn/thread until I am ready to replace them.

The interior dimensions are about 2.9 inches in diameter, so even a tennis ball will fit (according to their website, they are 2.7 inches in diameter so they should fit).

If you are going to a picnic or BBQ, you can use it for apricots, plums, or yes, even more tomatoes. I found this to be a real boon to my crafts, so I am going to buy some more. I hope you get as much use out of them as I have.
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  • Just repurposed a tomato container   (Grocery Outlet in Coos Bay, OR)
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