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This storage room organization has been a long time coming. Travis named it the “Room of Shame” several years ago when he opened the door looking for something specific, and was blown away by the literal mountains of crafting supplies, decor, and random items that had been collecting there for . . . well let’s just say a while.

First off, for this storage room reveal, there’s absolutely no natural light that hits the room. The photos had to be edited to brighten quite a bit. My apologies if they’re a little harsh and grainy.

But truthfully, it won’t matter when you see the huge difference between the before and after photos. I have anxiety looking at the befores, and relief and awe looking at the afters! I think this was our first big project since adding shiplap to our living room wall a couple months ago.

We went from this:

To this:

Are you not heaving a big sigh of relief with me? What a difference right?

And if you noice the after photo is a lot brighter, it’s because we painted the door, trim, and wall. It goes along with our current hallway project, so stick around for that reveal soon! I share all my projects in real time on Instagram, so make sure your hanging with me there!

Here’s a few more photos:

I still want to fix this area of the room. We’re going to have a hanging rod go from one wall to another so I can space out all those clothes on that one small hook. I’ll also use it to hang some of my garlands and other items.

The shelving

Because I blog, love to throw parties, and enjoy changing out my decor, I wanted to shelf to keep my most used glassware, decor, and candle holders on. I use them too much to be constantly digging through tubs. Also, glassware in storage bins is just asking for trouble.

Travis made these shelves, and I asked that they be on the narrow side. They’re only 13″ wide, which turned out to be perfect! I didn’t want to have super deep shelving, so I’d have to dig for items I needed. It’s only about three items deep, which allows me to easily access everything on it.

Im’ still considering painting the shelves white. I think it will make my pretty items pop and also contrast well so I can find them easier!

I stashed smaller items like loose greenery, knickknacks, and papers in the plastic drawers. The wrapping paper to the left of that is held in old wire laundry bins that were previously in our kids bathroom.

Go through your items

I purged a lot! Many items that I hadn’t used in a year or more or didn’t spark joy for me were packed up and dropped off at the Good Will.

I was pretty ruthless with my thinning out. But I don’t do it often enough and this small room is the only area I have for storage. Also, when the room was “shameful” I couldn’t find things because of the mess, and had acquired multiples of several items because I’d lost the originals in all piles!

How I organized the room

It may be hard to tell in this picture, but the bins are organized by holiday. I placed items in them that are truly only usable in that select season. Everything else that could be used throughout the year was place on the shelf, easily visible.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say a weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that this room is organized. So friends, if I can impart anything on you today, roll up those sleeves and clean up that area (or room) you’ve been putting off! We all have them.

And if it’s helpful, use my January Cleaning challenge printable sheet from a few years ago. The days may be off, and it may not even be January when you read this, but it’s a great chart that will help keep you on track to organize and declutter!

This shelf is everything to me. All my collectables from over the years displayed proudly in once spot. Makes my heart happy!

I truly hope this storage room inspires you to take a problem spot and transform it. All it takes is a little elbow grease and time!

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