Easy Succulent Centerpiece Table Decoration

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Easy Succulent Centerpiece Table Decoration

Hello! I'm so happy that you decided to check out this easy succulent decoration project. I was inspired to create this centerpiece after my sister had mentioned she was looking at purchasing a succulent wax burner. So my design does not include a wax burner, but if you stick around I'll tell you how you can create your very own succulent centerpiece table decoration.

Materials Needed

❤ Artificial Succulents and a flower For my design I used 4 succulent plants I purchased my artificial succulents from my local Walmart(Make sure to check your local dollar store as well)

❤ A wooden bowl

I purchased my wooden bowl at Walmart. You can actually find any container of your choice at your local craft store

❤ A package of craft rocks

My rocks were purchased at Walmart, but you can try shopping at your local dollar store, or craft store.

❤ Assorted green glass rocks

I purchased these at my local dollar tree

❤ One battery operated candle


Glue- this is for gluing down a middle piece to hold your candle. I'll explain more about this later

A pot- I used a plastic pot from when I purchased my pepper plant.

Spray paint- this is only used if you are using a middle piece for your candle

Creating your succulent decor, Start off with positioning where you would like your candle to go inside of your bowl. I placed my candle in the middle of the bowl. Once you have done this step, take your candle, and place it inside of your pot. (I used a plastic pot, and applied glue over the bottom section. This will allow you to glue the pot to the bottom of your bowl, and this will make an easy insert for your candle.)I did this step because I did not want for rocks to slide every time I were to take my candle out to turn it off and on. Using this pot for your candle to be inserted will eliminate rocks from filling the center of your bowl. It creates a barrier around your candle.

Once you have made sure that your candle will fit inside of your pot, take some spray paint and paint your pot. (This step will also depend on which pot you are using.)If you already have a pot with a color you would like, simply skip the spray paint step. After spray painting your pot, add it into your bowl. If you are using a pot that has some weight to it, you can skip the glue step. Once you have added your bowl inside of your pot, add in your rocks. Make sure to fill your rocks up to the top part of your pot.

Insert your candle, and add in a few of your glass rocks. Taking a your succulents, arrange them around your candle. Take your succulents and poke them through the rocks. I added a few white flowers around my succulents. I thought this helped to bring a little more softness to my centerpiece.

You're all done! It really is a simple DIY project, and it looks absolutely beautiful. You can add this in any room in your home. The cost for this project was around $25. I'm sure you can come in at a lower price if you find your items discounted.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple DIY project! If you end of making this, please let me know! I'd love to hear how your centerpiece turns out!



Suggested materials:

  • Wooden bowl   (Walmart)
  • Succulents   (local dollar store, and Walmart)
  • Spray paint   (local hardware store)
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