Elegant Thank You Bouquet

3 Materials
10 Minutes

Looking for a thank you gift, for a wedding or for a gender reveal or any other special occasion, here is an idea.

Learn how to make this simple yet stunning Bouquet with just a few steps and supplies, Totally budget friendly.

Supplies you will need to recreate this Mini bouquet.

-Wrapping paper

-Jute twine

-Baby's breath



Majority of the supplies you can find at dollar tree.

The floral you can find at Hobby lobby. That's where I bought mine.

The baby's breath flowers, were from a gift I didn't want to throw them away, because they are still very beautiful once they dry out.

The wrapping paper is from Dollar tree.

Definitely worth getting it for 1.25 you get a good amount to create as many mini bouquets.

Also good quality.

You want to cut the wrapping paper into a square

Measure it 6×6.

And have your flowers of choice ready and cut to size to fit inside of the paper.

You want to place the wrapping paper flat and angle it to create a diamond shape.

Then have your tape ready and place your floral in the center.

Next step, fold one side then the other until you have both ends of each corner in the center hiding the tape.

You will get something like this.

Then you want to fold the bottom of the wrapping paper towards the center as well.

Once you have all the corners tucked into the center you want to get ready and pinch the paper.

When you get ready to pinch. Make sure to pinch almost to the level of where you place the tape.

Then you want to get your jute twine and cut a small piece to help tie the center of where you pinched the bouquet.

Feel free to add a tag or a Mr & Mr's tag.

Even some Hersey kisses candy.

Wa la a mini bouquet for a special ocassion.

Suggested materials:
  • Jute twine   (Dollar Tree)
  • Wrapping paper   (Dollar Tree)
  • Floral   (Hobby lobby)
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