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A couple weeks ago, I shared a table setting with this beautiful and easy DIY table centerpiece over on the blog. I wanted to share the steps on how to make it with you in case you still didn’t know how you were going to decorate your table for Thanksgiving this year.

When I say that this DIY table centerpiece took me 10 minutes, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. It is truly that simple. But, even though it is simple and quick to make, I think it helps create the perfect foundation for a  cozy and inviting table setting for Thanksgiving this year.

DIY Table Centerpiece Supplies

¾’’ Paddle Bit

Piece of wood


Yard Stick



Step 1.

First I picked out a piece of wood. I decided to use a rough sawn 2×4. We brought it home from the mill at the family farm a while ago, but I hadn’t done anything with it yet.

Step 2.

Next, I had to decide how long I wanted it to be and how many candles I wanted it to have. This piece was 39’’ long, which was perfect for our table. As far as the candles, I chose 15. This wasn’t a magical number, but when I eyeballed the spacing by placing the candles on the piece of wood this is the number it ended up being.

Step 3.

To make sure that we did everything right, we grabbed a test 2×4 and did the entire process on it. My husband is a big supporter of the “measure twice and cut once” method. He’s also the guy who reads the directions first. Wish I did that…haha!

Step 4.

Now that we had selected the wood, we measured and marked the 2×4 into thirds lengthwise. Mark very lightly. As you can see on our test piece that markings were quite obvious and not very attractive. By doing this we were able to drill the holes in 2 straight lines down the piece of wood.

Step 5

Next, we marked the exact spots we were going to be drilling the holes. I knew I wanted 15 candles, so one line was going to have 7 candles and the other was going to have 8 candles. The goal was to create a “perfect” zig-zag pattern with equal spacing all the way down the 2×4.

Everything Is An Equation When Your Husband Is An Engineer

Step 7.

To do this my we used my husband’s engineer brain and turned it into a math equation haha!! We took the total length of the board in inches and divided it by the number of candles plus two.

Since we were working with a piece of wood that was already cut, our numbers turned out a little goofy:

39 / 17 = 2.29

We just called it 2.25 to make it easier. So going back and forth between the 2 lines we marched down the board and every 2.25” we made a mark. If you want to customize it and work with easier numbers you can get a 34” board and do 15 candles and then you’ll be working with only a 2” spacing.

Step 7.

Now that everything was marked, we grabbed a drill with a ¾” paddle bit and began drilling holes at every mark. (When I did this, I didn’t go all the way through the 2×4. I drilled far enough to make sure the candle would sit down in it and not fall over.)

Step 8

After all the holes were drilled, I cleaned up the rough edges a little, by simply brushing and pulling big splinters off.

Final Product
I am over the moon about this DIY. Sometimes a DIY that is this gorgeous can take a LONG time to create. But not this one! It’s so beautiful, and took so little time!

Quick & Easy
I’m not joking when I tell you how quick and easy this DIY Table Centerpiece was. I literally said “Hey Babe! Can we do this?” and BOOM!!! I think the longest part might have been me trying to decide on the piece of wood I wanted to use. But is it really my fault that we have such an extensive pile?? haha!

Natural & Neutral Element
Not only that, but I also love the way it looks! I love the rough and raw look. It adds the neutral and natural elements that I’m loving right now. Also, it’s long and narrow, which is perfect for our dining room table. This means that it will take up enough space that the table doesn’t look empty, but also that it won’t take up so much space that we can’t comfortably carry on a conversation.

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