Recycled Items On Your Dinning Table

3 Materials
2 Hours

I love entertaining guest and I love doing it in style but at a budget friendly, I think i adopted this from my late dad. He loved taking care of his guest and before they left, they would tell him how the dinner/lunch party was one of the best.

I especially love entertaining guest at the dinning table so that I am able to do a table setup and spread for them.

During mothers day, I wanted to do something special. My husband was to cook but he defiantly he skilled ended in the kitchen and I decided to do a beautiful inexpensive spread.

Since I ready to throw a party with no extra cost, I decided to look around the house for things that I could incoporate in the dinning room. The first was the napkins as I did not want to use the serviettes. I came across leftover material that I used for curtains. I then googled on size of napkins and cut them into 18 by 18 inches

I then decided to use leftover curtain also as the table cloth to bring a more high end feel to the table.

But I think what brought it all together was the candle setup. I only had 3 candles holders in my house and I decided to use my sons finished medicine bottles. I dipped them in water for 2 hours to remove the medication tag.

Really loved how it all came together, from the recycled medicine bottles, to jam bottles as water glasses, to the napkins and table cloth. It was a quick turnaround and I loved it

Suggested materials:

  • Recycled Curtain
  • Recycled Medicine Bottle
  • Recycled Curtain

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