Burlap Bunny

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I'm having a lot of fun trying out different Easter decor projects, and am excited to share them with you. This one will look great for the holiday on a shelf or on your buffet. Here we go.

First gather your materials. I printed the bunny shape offline, and picked up some garden moss at the craft store.

Start by cutting the cardboard into the bunny shape you want. You'll want to make sure it fits on the canvas.

Then glue the moss on the cardboard shape.

Then, glue the bunny shape onto your canvas, and add the pom pom and bow for some fun detail.

I decided that it was bit too plain for me, so I cut some burlap and attached it to the canvas as a background.

I pulled it tight around the edges and stapled it. (if you don't have a stapler you could glue it down)

Then I hot glued the bunny in my desired location.

Then make a simple bow and glue on the ear along with the pom pom tail.

That's it, what do you think?

It looks great on my side table as a cute decoration! This would be a great project for a kids party :)

Suggested materials:
  • Bunny shape ( I just got mine off the internet)
  • Cardboard
  • Art Canvas 8x10
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