Candy Corn Candle Decor

3 Materials
15 Minutes

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I don’t know, maybe because you can do all kinds of decorating from fall to scary. It’s easier for me to go from Thanksgiving to Halloween . . . whatever the reason, I love it and it's right around the corner.

These Easy Candy Corn Candles are super easy! All you need is a dollar store candle and some spray paint. I love the simplicity and the look. So, let's get started.

I got the candles at the dollar store, in the candle isle. The hardest part of this project is removing the sticker at the bottom. HAHA! Just make sure to get all the glue off the glass.

Once you have removed the sticker you're ready to take outside this way its ventilated, just make sure that it’s not a windy day. Just grab and old box, to set the candle on it. You'll start with orange spray paint. Lightly spray the orange from bottom up leaving a quarter of the white at top showing. Let dry. The candy corn has a color pattern so make sure you use the orange first.

Next, you'll need your yellow paint and spray the bottom up about a quarter of the way from the bottom. Let dry I live in Arizona so it was about 2 minutes because today its 110 degrees. Can I say hot!! I was afraid if I let dry to long outside my candle would melt.

It's that simple! Wouldn’t these make a fun gift too?

Add some pumpkins and décor, it makes a great addition to any fall vignette.

These are seriously adorable! Makes me want candy corn! How about you? Just my kind of craft fast and easy – spray paint and go! Hope you all give them a try. If you're having a fall/ Halloween wedding these would make great guest favors for each couple.

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Suggested materials:
  • Yellow spray paint   (
  • Orange spray paint   (
  • Dollar store candle 8"   (
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