Create a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

1 Hour
I made it using a 6" plastic skull sold at Dollar Tree , Acrylic paint, sand paper, and small brushes and Modge podge or a clear lacquer to seal. Select design offline, or freehand.

3 views of the finished Sugar Skull, I tried to show all sides.
First lightly sand the entire skull so that the paint will stick to the surface of the skull. Then cover the surface in white paint,  leaving some of the original shading. 
 Once the first layer of paint is dry you can start painting the design on the skull. 

Once fully dry, you may want to seal your design with Modge Podge or a clear lacquer spray.
You may also add embellishments such as Silk roses or glitter to your Sugar Skull, these are also available at your local Dollar Tree store.

I hope you like it and give it a try!
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