Dollar Store Easter Burlap Wreath,perfect for the Holiday and Spring

by Knelso18
4 Materials
40 Minutes
Let me just start with this, I LOVE TO MAKE BURLAP WREATHS! And living in Minnesota right now with all the super bowl stuff going on, doing crafts was a welcomed distraction from all the super bowl activities going on around is.
Bought alot of the supplies at our local dollar store. You would be amazed how much you can find there.
The burlap I did buy at Walmart but on clearance as it was considered a Halloween color... I'm always on the look out for good clearance. I got this huge roll for $1.00!
Enjoy and hope you like it...

Gathered all supplies needed... metal wreath (dollar store), Bunny (dollar store), Easter eggs (dollar store 2 for $1.00), pipe wire, Burlap, and colored tool.
Cut all my pieces. Approx 6" each piece.
Gather the ends of the burlap or tool.
Then tie together with gold pipe cut in halves.
Same thing with the burlap...
Then attach to the metal wreath.
And you just keep attaching and then add the tool every so often for color.
Finished with burlap and tool. Now to add details..
Add a bunny in the center of my wreath. Ties on with green floral wire. Each foot and both ears. That wire is is secured to the wreath. That bunny will not be going anywhere.
Back side of the wreath...
Then added Easter eggs. I used my hot glue gun to seal all the eggs closed and the. Hot glued gen to the wreath...
Finished product. Will be hung on my door. Going to wait until after Valentine's Day...
Suggested materials:
  • Burlap   (Walmart)
  • Metal wreath frame   (Dollar store)
  • Colored tool $1.87 each   (Crafts Direct (Local craft store))
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