Easter Baskets With More Than Candy!

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Every Easter I make my grown children (and sons-in-laws) baskets with a "theme". I have a granddaughter who also likes "something special" in her basket. In a previous year I did a gardening theme (gloves, seeds, tools) for example. This year, I think they will be happy with the "baskets".
A glimpse of the baskets after they are wrapped.
I always start off with the container. This year I found pretty colanders. That set the theme for a spring time kitchen theme with new dishtowels, a wood and silicone spoon, a silly clip for the fridge, a cute saying, some candy, corn skewers etc.
You don't have to buy everything at once - I usually start a few weeks ahead, and buy the candy last (so I won't eat it!). After I think I have enough goodies, I start layering them in the container.
I keep adding to it until I get the container the way I want it. I used to add "grass" like a traditional Easter basket, but, it always gets thrown away (or the dogs try to eat it). I've tried edible grass (the dogs liked it more than we wanted them to). I didn't care for the taste. I've tried shredded paper (messy). So this year, I decided to skip the grass.
Some wax melts added, and a handmade soap I'd purchased from a fundraiser.
To finish them off, I wrap them in basket wraps (2 for $1 at the dollar store), a pretty label (98 cents at Walmart for three). They look cute and stay dust free until Easter.
Here is a sampling from my granddaughter's basket.
She loves little totes and baskets to put her craft items in, so I went with a basket I knew she'd like. Each basket is set up for the person receiving it (colors and candy preferences). Needless to say, the one with the dolls ends up being the most expensive!
My granddaughter's basket!
Suggested materials:
  • Colander   ($8 at Walmart)
  • Towels   ($2 each at Walmart)
  • Candy   (purchased at Walmart at various prices)
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