My Fall and Inside Decorating for Halloween

Wanted to share what I have done inside so far and my three tier pumpkins I am making. There were so many pretty ones and I decided to make my own too. Need to add leaves and gourds then light them. Will share just the pumpkins when finished follow me to see what else there will be!!!!!!!!
Drilled holes in bottom and top of stem, one each to put sticks thru.....decided to do it this way so I could wrap garland of leaves around them and had an anchor for them
Bought urns for .25 each at garage sale ....great buy, she had about 15 of them, should have bought them all for whatever right....haha, did not though, only four.....
Bought pumpkins that have lights in them already and will add some, liked the carved faces too
I am putting mine inside so used rocks to anchor them and just tall heavy sticks I bought at Big Lots
Leaves and garland to put on them
How I made this,,sticks in first then piled rocks around to hold them tight
Made two for the house, what is nice with these is the light is in the back of them and can drill the holes in bottom easy
My fake fireplace I bought two years ago and just put it in the livingroom and decorated it, got it at a garage sale for $100, fake logs light up.....will work til I get a real one some day
I think it came out pretty good
This pumpkin I bought at the Family Dollar for $10 and just saw it at our nursery for $45. It can slip in the ground or stand like I have it inside, just love it.....cannot believe the price difference and it is perfect for here
Closer view of my fabulous pumpkin and really like the idea of it in a stand or I can put it outside, even hang it on the wall
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  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Oct 12, 2012
    Sharon, you're quite the decorator! Following you :)

  • Sharon B Sharon B on Oct 13, 2012
    Miriam.....thank u for following me, hope to get more involved with things soon, just retired in April so lots I want to do........hope to finish these and put on here today.....