The Ruins of Shabby Abbey

3 Materials
8 Weeks
An archaeological find in my back garden!
I was fortunate in that the previous owner of the property had removed a perimeter hedge and had a substantial brick was erected in its stead. The paving was in situ but all else was created by myself. Why do this you may well ask, the answer ,because I wanted to and I could and I have a long term passion for follies. The brick work was carefully painted to look as if the new bricks, (painted grey) are the result of reconstruction work incorporating some of the original (unpainted) bricks. As with 'Lee Quay' project accessorising is the key, along with suitable plantings. I chose a dark pallet for the plantings, dark tulips, sambbucca, omphiopogon, dark dahlias, adjuga ,angelica etc.
Build it and they will come!!!!!

Witch way shall we go, down I fear.
Let there be light!
Entrance to the dungeon! -----well in truth a metal grid over black painted brick work and body bits!
Just hanging around. Wish I had the guts to get out of here.
Gotta hand it to 'em, those were barbaric times.
Corner firebasket
Just how I like my stake, rare!!
The Oubliette cover.
Oi, I gotta bone to pick with you Fats! why don't you like my favourite pop group of the 70s, Boney M? 'They're alright I suppose but my all time favourite track is not by them, it's Boney Marony! I suppose your favourite character in the original Star Trek series was Doctor McCoy 'Bones' You know Fats, you can be quite humerus at times!
More excavations have revealed further information about the ruins, here we see the base of the Abbeys' well. Well,well,well! The another,(not pictured) is the burial mound of the once resident Knight of the Abbey, one Sir Cumference who died because of eating too much Pi! p.s. The smiley face emerging from the ground is Gladstone the Solid, a stone troll of happy dispostion. n.b. the corner of my property incorporates some of the original brick work from the Abbeys clock tower. -----and finally the basic structure of the Abbey was built round about 1530, half past three,but the roof is thought to be earlier!
Suggested materials:
  • Imagination   (From my head)
  • Elbow grease   (Hard to find, eventually bought bulk off net.)
  • Blood, sweat and tears   (From my body)
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